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Project 5 - BST
In this project you will be implementing a Binary Search Tree (BST). The goal is to maintain
the BST property, and to count the number of times a key is inserted into the tree.
The base code for your project is given on the class Web site.
You are to fill in the functions given in is the test file that tests your BST implementation.
Specifically, you are to fill in the following methods defined in BST class:
(1) Insert
(2) Delete
(3) Find
(4) Min
(5) Max
(6) Depth
(7) Print
To implement these methods, you may need private auxiliary methods. Do implement them if you think
such helper methods are necessary.
When you are deleting a key, delete the node containing the key regardless of the current count. That is,
even if count is bigger than 1, you are required to delete the node.
You can do the projects in groups of TWO.
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