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A high school unlike all the rest is how many of my friends describe__________. I attended
______for my freshman year, and the first half of my sophomore year. It was the one school I
felt comfortable, like a home away from home. I was able to learn in an environment, unlike my
previous middle school and FLVS. I would like to attend your school, because this is the one
place I love. I love the arts, and participated in ballroom dance, photography, tae kwon do, and
I believe I can make a great addition to your school in many ways, with my interest in art. I
would love to rejoin the orchestra program, being that it was the best I had been in throughout
my high school and middle school years. I have taken up guitar outside of school, and would like
to see about going into the guitar class. I also had been singing with a church for a few months
and would like to maybe try out the chorus program.
I am also a great student, and am interested in the dual enrollment program. My grades have
made their way up, and I have finished my sophomore year with all A’s and one B. I know I can
bring that up to all A’s though with the help of your amazing teachers, because I am a better
auditory learner. Having a teacher would help tremendously with my learning ability.
In conclusion, I would love to attend your school, for the arts, and learning environment. I know
I can be a great addition to your school and programs.
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