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Selfies for the sea
Twitter posts
Facebook posts
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Make an ocean promise, take a selfie for the sea
We all love the ocean. It takes care of us - by providing food, medicine, oxygen and fresh air,
transportation, communication… not to mention fun, recreation, and inspiration! The ocean links people
all over the world together, and we couldn’t survive without it.
This World Oceans Day, give back to the ocean by promising to do at least one thing in your life to help
keep it healthy. A healthy ocean means healthy humans, dolphins, corals, turtles, fish, and other wildlife
for the future. So, pick a promise and post a selfie on social media to share how you’re doing your part
for our ocean.
1. Pick a promise or action. There are endless ways to be part of the solution – pick something
that you care about and can achieve. You can get out in your community for World Oceans Day,
check out some celebration ideas, or pick a promise.
2. Selfie for the sea! Take a photo of yourself (or ask someone to take it for you) out helping your
local community, or at one of the hundreds of events happening around the globe, and post it
online. Or, you can make a promise to do something in your everyday life to help the ocean.
Write your promise on a sign and take a pic, or get a photo with something that is important to
you - like a local beach or river. Just post with the hashtag #WorldOceansDay.
For event organizers: Don’t think “selfie” will work with your audience? Just ask people to make an
Ocean Promise. You can use one of the actions suggested in our three guides, develop your own, or
choose from the list; the important thing is we’re all doing something for our ocean.
Zoo and aquarium partners: If you have an existing “selfie” campaign, this is a great opportunity to
enhance it for World Oceans Day! Just ask visitors to tag both #WorldOceansDay and your institution in
their post.
Make a difference
You can take a selfie for the sea at home, outside, at a World Oceans Day event, with a group –
anywhere you’re making a difference! Here are a few ideas on some important issues:
Sustainable seafood: Use your influence as a consumer to make a real difference! Grocery stores and
restaurants have the power to influence how sustainably seafood is fished or farmed, so support those
that make the right choices. Take your selfie for the sea at your favorite venue that serves or sells
sustainable seafood – and then tag them in it so they know you appreciate them! The Seafood Watch
app for your smartphone makes it easy to choose right and find businesses committed to sustainable
Clean energy: You can help reduce carbon pollution that is harming our ocean. Take a selfie doing
something positive – like using your bike instead of driving, planting a tree, unplugging your unused
electronics, choosing renewable power – to keep our coral reef and other ocean friends safe.
Clean coasts: Take a selfie at your favorite waterway or beach – or, even better, at a cleanup! Your local
waterways (and any trash in them) all lead to the ocean, so preventing pollution in your local community
helps people and animals who rely on the ocean everywhere. You can also stop more junk mail from
being created and shipped by signing up for the 41pounds junk mail reduction plan – you and the planet
both win!
Sample images
These images are free for you to use, if you think a photo will make it easier to show what the campaign
Twitter posts
Here are some sample Twitter posts to promote the campaign. You can also automatically tweet them
by clicking the “Tweet now!” link. We also encourage you to post your own selfies (and tag
#WorldOceansDay and/or link to and retweet others’.
If you would like to embed a sample tweet on your website, you can use this one:
-> Click on “…More” and select “Embed tweet.” Copy the code for your website. See this page for more
We love the ocean! Do you? Take a selfie for the sea for #WorldOceansDay and share how you want to
-- Tweet now
Having a #beachday? Or #beachLIFE? Take a selfie and tag #WorldOceansDay to show how you're
helping our ocean!
-- Tweet now
#WorldOceansDay is June 8th! Take a selfie for the sea and show your support for our ocean
-- Tweet now
We LOVE people who LOVE our ocean! Are you in #nature or at the #beach? Take a selfie for the sea tag
-- Tweet now
We LOVE people who LOVE our ocean! Do you live #eco friendly & #green? Take a selfie for the sea tag
-- Tweet now
Facebook posts
These are sample Facebook posts you can use with any of the included images.
This World Oceans Day, show everyone how you’re giving back to the ocean taking a selfie for the sea!
Take a photo of yourself out helping your local community or make a promise to do something in your
everyday life to help the ocean. Then post with the hashtag #WorldOceansDay.
There are endless ways to be part of the solution – pick something that you care about and can achieve.
Check out some ideas at . @World Oceans Day
We love people who love our ocean! This is OUR selfie for the sea. Share what you’re doing, or what you
promise to do, by posting a selfie with the hashtag #WorldOceansDay. Visit for some ideas. @World Oceans Day
What are you doing?
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