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1. Read the article about Megan and her unusual hobby. Then answer the questions.
An unusual hobby!
Megan Yates is a normal British teenager. She goes to
school from Monday to Friday. She usually does her
homework before dinner and she often goes out with her
friends at the weekend. Her friends like listening to
music and playing computer games but Megan has got
an unusual hobby. She loves cooking.
Megan would like to enter the Young Chef of Britain
Competition. This competition is for young people who
are between 11 and 17 years old. They need to cook a
complete meal for two people. The menu needs to be
healthy and the food can’t cost more than £15. The first
prize is a trip to Italy to learn about Italian cooking and
At the moment, Megan is practising for the competition
in the kitchen. She’s cooking for her family. The main course is paella, which is a
Spanish rice dish. She’s also making carrot cake with ice cream.
1. What does Megan like doing in her free time?
2. The Young Chef of Britain Complete is for people ___________________________________
3. How much money can the chefs spend on food?
4. The winner will ___________________________________________________________________
5. What is Megan doing now?
2. Write T for true or F for false. Correct the false ones.
1. Megan usually does her homework in the evening. ______
2. The Young Chef of Britain Competition is only for British young people. ______
3. The competitors have to cook a meal for a family. ______
4. Each competitor can spend £15 or more. _______
5. The prize is to learn more about Italian cooking in Britain. ______
6. Right now, Megan is cooking paella and carrot cake with ice cream with her family. _____
3. Match the meanings under Y with the words or phrases under X. Write only the
appropriate letter (a, b, c,… etc.) in front of the number (1, 2, 3,… etc.) under X.
_______ 1. hobby
_______ 2. unusual
_______ 3. meal
_______ 4. healthy
physically strong and not ill
the biggest part of a meal
an occasion when you go somewhere and come back again
not normal, common, or ordinary
_______ 5. prize
_______ 6. trip
_______ 7. main course
an occasion when you eat, especially breakfast, lunch, or dinner
something that you enjoy doing when you are not working
a reward that you get for being successful in a sport, competition,
or game, or for being better than others at something.
4. Complete the sentences with one word from exercise 3 (column X). Make the necessary
1. I had the lasagne for my _____________________________.
2. Mike's ______________________________ include reading and chess.
3. I'm not hungry, I had a big _____________________ at lunchtime.
4. The boat ________________________ down the Amazon was great.
5. There's nothing _____________________________ about this man's appearance.
6. There's a chance to win a ___________________________ if you can answer this question.
7. Exercise can be fun, and being ___________________________ feels great!
5. Look at the photos and write the words.
6. Damon and Lucy are taking part in the same competition. They are buying some food to
prepare a special dish. Tick the correct sentence.
1. How much juice have we got? ____
2. Let’s buy a few biscuits. ____
How many juice have we got? ____
Let’s buy a little biscuits. ____
3. We’ve got many cheese. ____
4. How many cans of cola would you like? ____
We’ve got a lot of cheese. ____
How much cans of cola would you like? ____
5. Do we need a few bread? ____
6. We need to make much sandwiches. ____
Do we need a little bread? ____
We need to make a lot of sandwiches. ____
7. How much ice cream do we need? ____
8. Let’s buy a few chocolate too! ____
How many ice cream do we need? ____
Let’s buy a little chocolate too! ____
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