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GLOBAL LINGUA NET is a translation agency, based in Macedonia, founded and managed by Bashkim Hajrullau,
a professional translator and interpreter for the past 17 years, 6 of which were spent translating and
interpreting in Paris. Bashkim Hajrullau has also had numerous professorships at different universities over the
With an established presence in the European market, we work with important French partners, based in Paris.
Our strategy is built around key fundamental principles. We never compromise on these:
Professionalism and reliability
Carefully avoiding service providers: occasional translators, we only entrust your texts to professionals. The
experience of the agency’s founder in the areas of written translation and interpreting guarantee that the
partners we work with are the best choice.
Quality services
Most of our translators are completely bilingual, the rest translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Their
work is systematically proofread and corrected by at least one other translator of the language in question. The
best tools available are used (professional software, such as Trados, specialised multimedia hardware, Internet
etc.) in order to ensure irreproachable quality for your translations.
Unbeatable prices
We know the market and have opted for the lowest tariffs. In fact, for a number of very important languages,
we carry out your translations with partners based in the countries where prices are most competitive.
Our tariffs include all taxes, and are not applicable to VAT (Macedonian VAT Code, Article 14, Paragraph 3, Point
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