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True to Life: Live Like a Beijinger with Four Seasons Hotel
February 26, 2015, Beijing, China
Beijing is a city rich in history, steeped in culture and full of stories. But cracking into the local lifestyle on a
short trip can be a challenge for even the most seasoned of travellers. With the new Become a Beijinger
program at Four Seasons
Hotel Beijing, guests can drop into the lives of the city’s citizens and experience
a side of China’s capital that few get to see.
After arriving at
Four Seasons Hotel Beijing from the airport in a private limousine, guests retire to
their suite, a true home away from home that will make them feel as comfortable as if they had never left
their doorstep. Enjoy breakfast and Executive Club Lounge benefits every day of the stay. Overlook the
gorgeous nightscape of China’s capital from the view from the 23rd or 25th floor and dream of what lies in
store as one experiences this fascinating city, Beijinger-style.
Wake up early for a visit to the beautiful Temple of Heaven grounds to practice tai chi with locals as the city
wakes up. The smooth, flowing movements of tai chi calm both body and mind, and foster physical and
mental strength. From the outside, the movements of experienced practitioners appear as fluid and smooth
as those of professional dancers. Learn more about this fascinating martial art and the temple itself on a
private tour with an English-speaking Chinese guide. From the Temple of Heaven, guests will travel by
limousine to explore deep into the hutongs - the narrow lanes and alleyways that are the heart of historical
Beijing and the lifeblood of the city. In the busy bustle of these small streets, travellers will glimpse the lives
that live within them: chatting with neighbours, cooking street snacks, taking part in traditional pastimes such
as flying kites, or even enjoying a quick dip in Houhai Lake.
Tea is a must in China, and travellers find that locals are up for a cup any time of the day or night. Sample
delicious teas and Beijing-style delicacies during a Zen Afternoon Tea for two at the beautiful Tea Garden.
Savour sweet traditional treats such as glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour or steamed rice cakes with
sweet stuffing.
After a long day of living like a local, it’s time to try living like an Emperor. Relax in Imperial style with The
Emperor’s Treatment for two at the Spa. Immerse in a ritual bath before skin is buffed soft and smooth with a
gold body scrub. Feel muscles melt under the hot stones and capable hands of the Spa's highly trained
masseuses. A special silk robe is the Hotel's gift to its guests, a souvenir of the best massage they’ve ever
For more information or to book the Beijinger experience, contact Reservations at (8610)5695 8858.
February 20, 2015, Shenzhen, China
February 20, 2015, Shenzhen, China
Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen Welcomes Children and Families
Jenny Wang
Public Relations Manager
48 LiangMaQiao Road
Beijing, Chaoyang District
[email protected]
+86 10 5698 8720
Nicola Chilton
Senior Director of Public Relations, Asia-Pacific
155 Rajadamri Road
[email protected]
66 (0) 2 126 8832
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