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Renaissance Academy Lehi , Utah
Lesson Title: Days of the Week
Level: beginners
Time: 45 minutes
Teacher’s name: Munir Gomaa
Lesson goals:
By the End of this lesson students will be able to:
- Write, read and say the days of the week.
- What would you like to do on Monday?
- What are the weekend days in your country and the US?
Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to say:
Saturday- Sunday- Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday
Online resource :
Assessment Evidence
*Students can tell the days of the week.
*Students can say what they like to do in each day.
Learning Plan
Materials Used:
Power point presentation – cards, Pictures. Colored papers. Colored, pencils,
Flash Cards. A song. Online resource:
Learning activities:
Review :
Students will review what they already learnt from the last period.
Warm up
Checking the web site for a song about the days of the week.
Presentation :
The teacher shows the students a model of Arabic calendar.
The teacher asks students what is usually written in the Calendars: days and
2-The teacher use the power point show to present the days of the week.
The teacher says the days of the week while students drill.
Pronunciation :
Students will pronounce the days of the week and the teacher corrects the
The teacher asks the students some questions.
What is the first day of the week?
What is the fifth day?
What is the sixth day?
What day after Sunday?
Activity2: Students ask each other some questions about the days of the week?
Activity3: Students make flash cards for the days of the week.
Review/ Discuss/clarify:
A handout is given in which they will match days of the week with the pictures.
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