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About this Map:
This storm will arrive about next Wednesday into Thursday.
The effects for us will be very light snow showers if anything.
There is a chance we might not get anything the main effects
will be farther south as the map shows. The areas shaded in
blue are going to receive the most snow. The areas in pink will
receive a little less snow and the areas in green will receive
little to no snow. Again this will be a southern event, but this is
subject to change, so stay tuned to ECWS to receive more
About this Map:
This map shows the track of this storm. As you can see this is
going off the coast and is dipping way down south, it will not
affect the North East, but might affect some areas on Maryland.
The areas affected are Areas Maryland and Southern states
along the coast. This has the potential to be a wintery mess
along the South.
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