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This abbreviation is a name of a small team which consists of the 7 best pupils of
the 5th grade of our gymnasium. SLG means: super little guys. On the 20th of
Match his team had a very serious mission - to participate in the English
competition which was organized by the Moscow school № 1588. The children had
been preparing for this competition for a long time: they did a short play on the
stage in order to present themselves, also pupils made a movie in which they
introduced their team, they were practising a lot, brushed up their knowledge about
the traditions, customs and history of the United Kingdom, and of course they
were improving their English speaking skills. All this they had done with the help
of their English teacher.
In the morning on the 20th of April we left our gymnasium. The way to school
№1588 was quite a long one, but our pupils did not get upset for a moment. They
were singing the anthem of the Great Britain (even in the underground), revising
the British capitals, and it was even impossible to see any trace of concern or being
worried among them. When we arrived at the place we were met by a downpour
but we still had a very good mood and a positive attitude towards this approaching
And now, here they are and they are ready to prevail! We were pleasantly surprised
by the atmosphere of that school. There were only three teams, including ours, and
all the children were well – behaved and their knowledge was very good. SLG
presented their team the second, and they managed to do it in a brilliant way!
During the first round pupils got a lot of points, during the break one of the girls
of our team , Kate Rezchikova, was reciting a poem in English accompanied by a
nice musical slideshow, and she got a lot of admiration and applause from the
audience. During the second round SLG got more difficult tasks but they scored
even more points than during the first round. SLG guys were supported by their
«fan-team» who cheered them up during all the competition with colorful posters
and verses. It was a great experience for all the participants.
This great team took the second place in this competition. But they were not upset.
They knew that the victory isn’t the key point, it’s participating that is the main
goal in such activities. We were proud of this smart, cohesive and amicable team!
Alyushenko Anastasia, Leshchenko Daria, 10”A”
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