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Design Brief
Customer General Information
Ministry of Information Policy
of Ukraine
Official name of
Date of brief
27 FEB 2015
Message to Ukrainians
Creative part characteristics
Situation in country
General trends
Future look of our country in 5, 10, 15 years. Visualization of
dream, national idea, projection of your dreams and wishes
Visualization of National Idea
Authors are supposed to imagine themselves in future.
Imagine the world and the place of Ukraine in this world.
Whether we become an agrarian country? Or whether we
launch a rocket? Are we going to be those who invent an
antigravity engine? Or those who will manage to feed China?
Let us imagine ourselves in the bosom of our families, friends
and those helping us to develop the material. So you could be
proud of the fact that those were your words and images to
instigate the development of the nation and your
grandchildren wear "vintage" T-shirts with pictures created
by you and are very proud of that, and you recall the time
your ideas one day inspired Ukrainians to reach common
understanding and build a great country for oneself and the
global community.
Well, if you consider yourselves good visionaries — think up
our future!
Diverse understandings overstrained by emotional aspect,
lack of visualization, failure to comprehend a place in a
global community. The post-colonial disease of inferiority.
The excusive nature of the national perception. Insufficient
informativeness in affecting world cultural, scientific,
economic, and sports achievements.
Desire for symbols, common grounds, thoughts, and ideas to
unite the society, and the foundation to build the country on.
Necessity of the guidelines to inspire with hope and general
awareness of the changes that do happen, and the power that
is actually citizens and the society in general.
Adverse publicity: evocation of ideas of enmity, nationalism,
inferiority, doubts, lack of communications at the level of
SOCIETY, feeling of inability to affect the activities.
Target Audience Information
Description of target
Broad segment of people
Consumer motivation
Ukrainians expect an honest and understandable image that
motives and inspires, entails a challenge and understanding of the
possibility to reach the goal.
Inspire citizens for motivated actions for the benefit of the country
and their fellow citizens.
Project ultimate goal
Key messages
What is the key message we
want to bring to a consumer?
Mandatory elements to be
depicted in design
Name/format of final
advertising material
Copyright (text to be kept
on design)
Motivation for immediate decision making and systematic work
over improvement of life in the country.
Motivation for everyday activities and immediate steps in
business, communication, information dissemination, fence
mending, both within and outside the country. Promotion of
state values of Ukraine.
Assistance in the study of historical past
Dignity, Honesty, Openness, Friendliness, Diligence, Freedom
Contribution of Ukrainians into the global culture, science, and
Force of Public Rights and Freedoms
Responsibility for personal life and public welfare
The State starts with a Citizen
National symbols, logo of the MIP. Text of appeal
boards 6х3,
lightboxes 1,2х1,8,
European standard envelopes (А5),
flyers (А5)
video 15, 30 sec (TV, radio)
larger size may be possible
Your version
Additional Information
Open contest
Mandatory conditions
Are there any regulations that Candidates will be selected in two stages
should be taken into account,
1) Preliminary selection based on performance quality and/or obligatory elements to shortlist (up to 10 works to pass to the final stage).
be included?
2) Open contest among finalists on the MIP information
source pages with a presentation and voting option.
The developer assumes responsibility for the selection of raw
materials and ideas. In case of breaching any third party rights
and the use of someone else’s ideas the participant will be
automatically withdrawn from the competition program.
Please, be the best and respect each other
Other important
information not included to
the brief
The winning works will be encouraged after the assignment of
rights to customer.
Series of works may be possible in the offing
Contact Information
[email protected]
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