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Reflection 4 – Planning our teaching activity
I have spent a lot of time working with Daniel to ensure that we planned our lesson with our learning
outcome at the forefront of our minds. Having a sense of purpose to the lesson is something we
keep discussing in class and I can see that without considering an explicit learning outcome there is a
real risk of just keeping students “busy, happy and good”. This is a concept Kylie introduced to us in
lectures and I think I am now beginning to see the difference between this and a lesson that is
planned using the curriculum, a research based model (such as co-operative learning) and most
importantly with the goal of actual learning in mind. This type of planning obviously takes a lot more
time and effort but I truly believe it would more likely lead to a quality PE programme for students.
The learning outcome we have decided to focus our teaching activity around is Participate in a
cooperative activity and identify factors that contribute to effective partnerships. We have made
ourselves really familiar with the 5 essential elements from the co-operative learning model and
think that individual accountability will be an important concept to stress when working in
partnerships. Daniel had a good idea for the students to peer assess each other but it was
interesting to hear Michael’s feedback around how he believes this might end up being a bit ‘token’.
Daniel and I had both assumed that for activities to be meaningful they should always be assessed.
After discussing this with Michael I no longer think this and can definitely see a real danger in over
assessing students to the point that all of your teaching becomes focussed solely on the assessment.
It was useful for us to practice our activity before the assessment because it enabled us to get this
important feedback from our peers. I believe that once teachers enter the profession this type of
collaboration with other teachers would also be a useful thing to maintain in order to ensure quality
physical education programmes…….
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