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« Али-Баба и сорок разбойников».
Дикажева Милана Мухарбековна
2011-2012 уч.год
Ali – Baba and 40 Thieves
1. Ali-Baba
2. Cassim
3. Captain + 2 thieves
4. Ali’s wife
5. Cassim’s wife
6. Morgiana
7. Others
Сцена (декорации)
Комната (Али и Касима)
Пещера, лес
Мешки с золотом (2шт)
Сцена 1
(Автор, Али, Разбойники)
Автор: In a far off land? Long long ago lived two brothers, called Cassim and
Ali-Baba. Cassim married a rich woman and became rich man. Ali-Baba
married a poor woman and was a woodcutter.
Али: (сидит на пеньке)
- I am sick and tired of it. I want to be rich.
(слышно шум разбойников. Али прячется. Разбойники подходят к пещере с
Капитан: - Open Sesam! (пещера открывается)
- Shut Sesam! (выходят без мешков)
Али: (подходит к пещере) Open Sesam! (выносит мешки)
- Shut Sesam!
Сцена 2
(Али и его жена)
(Жена шьет, Али заносит мешок)
Али: Look! I Found a rock full of gold.
Жена: - How did you manage it?
Али: Oh! It is a long story. Let’s hide the gold in the garden!
Жена: You go and dig the pit, I shall measure the gold. I shall ask for a small
Cцена 3
(Автор, Жена Касима, Жена Али)
(Жена Касима протирает тарелки и припевает)
Жена Али:
Hello! How are you doing?
Жена Касима: Hi , I am OK.
Жена Али:
Could you give me your small measure?
Жена Касима: - Of course I can. (Она протирает дно горшка)
Here you are. Come again if you need something.
(Жена Али уходит и заходит Касим. Играет восточная мелодия несколько
минут и Жена Али возвращает весы )
Жена Али: Thank you. It helped me so much! Buy!
(Жена Касима смотрит на дно и достает манету)
Жена Касима: You are rich but your brother is richer. You count your money but
he measures its. (показывает монету).
I can’t belive it!
Сцена 4
(Али, Касим, Автор)
Касим: My brother, you have some secrets. It is not good.
You are poor. How is it, that you measure your gold?
Али: Casim don’t worry. I have never secrets from you. I tell you, it is very
unbelievable. When I was wooding I heard a noice and saw forty thieves.
I saw their secret rock and heard the magic words.
Касим: That is not enough. I must know the magic words!!!
Али: You must say – Open Sesam – and the door opens. You say – Shut Sesam
and the door closes.
Касим: Then I go there right now.
Автор: Ali-Baba told his brother the story of forty thieves. Then he offered to
divide the gold between them. So Ali-Baba told Cassim the magic words
and all that he wanted to know.
Сцена 5
(в лесу Касим, Разбойники, Али-Баба, Автор)
Касим: Open Sesam!
(Касим входит и забывает закрыть ворота)
Капитан: Someone is there. The door is open!!!
(Разбойники входят и убивают Касима)
Shut Sesam! ( Уходят)
Open Sesam!
(Входит и видит брата)
Oh, my brother. How terrible.
(забирает брата и уходит) – Shut Sesam.
Ali-Baba told the bad news to Cassim’s wife. They agreed not to tell
that thieves killed Cassim and cut him. They told people that Cassim
was ill and then died.
Капитан: Open Sesam! (входит и видит что Касима нет)
Where is the body of that man? Oh , I see, someone else knows our
secret. We have to find that man. I have a plan.
Автор: Then the captain thought his plan. He sent his men to buy nineteen
mules and thirty-eight leather jars.
They filled one jar with oil and brought the others empty.
At the same time the captain, with the help of Mustapha, found AliBaba’s house. Then he pretended himself as an oil-merchant.
He put a robber into each leather jar, and led the nineteen mules to the
city. The travelers reached Ali-Baba’s house.
Сцена 6
(дом Али, Капитан, Маржана)
Капитан: Could I stay here for a night. I am an oil-merchant and travelled for
Of course, Come in. We shall have supper together.
Morgiana prepares a good supper for our guest.
Маржана: Wait a little, please. Ali –Baba, let me dance and amuse our guest.
Well, I think it is good idea.
(Маржана начинает танцевать, и внезапно открывает плащ капитана и Али
видит меч. Капитан в растерянности убегает)
And the next day Morgiana was married. Ali-Baba gave her many
treasures from the robber’s cave. And he told magic words to his son.
And his secret Ali-Baba’s son told to his children, and they told it to
theirs. And so the family of Ali-Baba kept the treasures of the cave
Все участники на сцене танцуют и поют песню на английском языке.
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