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2014 - 2015 ACADEMIC YEAR
A DIRECTIONS: Read the article and answer the questions.
Are you suffering from stress? These are some of the more commonly-experienced
symptoms: tiredness and irritability;difficulty in sleeping;headaches and stomachaches; finding
it difficult to concentrate and not wanting to eat. Recent studies have shown that stress among
young people and teenagers is on the rise. It seems that a combination of worry about
families splitting up, exam results, bullying and more general issues like global warming and
the environment is creating a generation of stressed and anxious young people.
Stress creates changes in the body. A feeling of anxiety and alarm will cause your body to
produce an excess of the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline can be a useful hormone because
it prepares the body for “flight or fight”- to escape quickly from danger or to face the danger
and fight it. But at the wrong time, and in large quantities, adrenaline can make your blood
pressure rise and your heart beat fast and you’re likely to end up with a bad headache or
One of the main causes of stress in young people is worry about exams. And this is not
confined to teenagers sitting national exams. The charity Childline, which runs a free 24-hour
helpline for children, reports that it has had calls from 7-year-olds who are worrying about their
school tests. Well-meaning parents constantly giving advice and checking up on their
children’s progress at school can make the situation even worse.
Bullying is another major problem in some young people’s lives. Childline receives more than
20,000 calls a year from young people in Britain who are worried about bullying and
threatening behaviour. It can take many different forms, from actual attacks to insults and
threats. Internet bullying –where certain children are named and teased online-is also a
With divorce rates rising, family break-up is another cause of stress. Children can get involved
in the arguments between their parents and often feel that they have divided loyalties. It
maybe difficult for them to find another adult to whom they can talk about their fears and ask
for advice.
Coping with stress is not easy, but there are some simple things that people can do to help
them confront their anxieties. Most important is to find someone to talk about your worries,
rather than bottling up your feelings. This could be a good friend, a trusted relative, a teacher
or perhaps your doctor. Sometimes, just talking about the causes of your stress , will help you
to feel relieved and less anxious.
1. What does current research into stress reveal?
2. What happens to the body when you feel stressed?
3. According to the article, who gets stressed about academic results?
4. What does “threatening” mean in 4th paragraph? Explain in details.
5. How can family break-up cause stress?
6. What does the article suggest as a way of coping with stress?
7. Have you ever suffered from stress? Why / Why not?
A DIRECTIONS: Complete the sentences meaningfully.
1. I have ____________ French _______ three years, but English _______ I started
secondary school.
2. Have you been ________ 8 p,m? That means you have been ________ _______ about
ten hours!
3. _________ years, I thought watermelons grew under the ground, like potatoes.
4. I think it’s time I had a change of hairstyle. I’ve had it like this _________ I was ten!
5. I haven’t ________ Claire ________ ages, not ________ the last day of term, actually.
6. I tried to phone you last night, but you were on the phone ________ about an hour.
B DIRECTIONS: Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box.
kill / develop / clean / print / eat / receive / sell / finish / repair / find / bury
1. The yo-yo ________________ in the Philippines where it was used for hunting.
2. The first meal that ________________ on the moon in 1969 was roast turkey.
3. I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up yesterday. My car _________________ at the garage.
4. ‘How many hits _______________ on the website?’ ‘Over 2,000.’
5. And now the six o’clock news. The missing child _________________ alive and well.
6. It’s a scandal. These buildings _________ never___________, so nobody can live in them.
7. In 1973, Swedish chocolate salesman Roland Ohisson ________________ in a coffin
made entirely of chocolate.
8. Over 325 million copies of the first six Harry Potter books _______________ worldwide.
9. More money ___________________ each day for the game Monopoly than by the US
10. More people _____________________ annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.
11. I wanted to wear my white jacket, but it _________________ at the moment.
C DIRECTIONS: Complete the second sentence using the passive form in the correct form.
They grow cocoa beans in Ghana.
Cocoa beans _____________________________________ .
Someone stole a valuable painitng from the National Gallery yeasterday.
A valuable painting _________________________________ .
3. They are going to resurface all the roads in our village next month.
All the roads in our village ____________________________________ .
4. By the year 2050, we will have used up most of our natural resources.
By the year 2050, ____________________________________________
5. A storm has damaged over 100 houses in West Yorkshire.
Over 100 houses in West Yorkshire __________________________________________
D. DIRECTIONS: Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with the correct form of
be allowed to.
You _______________________________________ at school.
We ________________________________________ in the
Dogs ___________________________________ to the shopping
We ___________________________________________________
We _________________________________________________ .
We _____________________________________ in the library.
A DIRECTIONS: Complete the dialogues using one suitable word only once. There might be
some words which you don’t need to use.
donate --- charity --- litigate --- argument --- fool --- fed up --- permission
come of age --- vote --- pensioner --- toddler --- responsibilities --- exhibition
1) A: As far as I know, you are into arts. Aren’t you?
B: Yeah, that’s right. Why did you ask?
A: There is an art gallery at the end of this street.
2) A: I’m proud of Stacy. After winning a lot of money from lottery, she ____________
B: Yeah, she has always been helpful and thoughtful for homeless and poor
3) A: I hate people when they __________________________________________.
B: I completely agree with you.Humour is good but in order to be popular, we
mustn’t mock with ourselves.
C: Come on! Don’t take everything so serious! Life is too short to be so strict!
4. A: Do you know why Sally doesn’t talk to Mark?
B: Everybody knows the reason. _______________________________________
at a party last month because of a silly thing.
5. A: Who is that young, beautiful lady in the photo on the wall?
B: Oh , she is my grandma! She isn’t young anymore, she __________________
________________________________. It was taken when she was in her 20s.
6. A: My neighbour plays the piano above me at midnight and it is impossible to sleep. I
changed my bedroom but it didn’t help.
B: Why don’t you warn him?
A: I did! But he ignored me!
B: You __________________________________________________ then!
7. A: In Turkey, when you are 18 years old, you are not a child anymore.
B: I know, _____________________________________________________.
A DIRECTIONS: Remember what can always make you laugh, even when you are having a
frustrating day? Do you turn on Youtube videos, board games, slapstick comedies or your
pets when you need laughter in your day? Write about your sources of laughter in details.
Head of Foreign Lang. Dept
English Teacher
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