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Drawing At The Zoo:
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
It’s time to put our newfound life drawing skills to
the ultimate test! Today you as artists will be creating a
small body of work created “en plain l’air” like the great
masters of old. Using a wide variety of drawing media, you
will be given all day to showcase your talent in a series
of sketches and gesture drawings in your sketchbooks.
You are given complete freedom in terms of which subjects
you choose, but there are a few criteria that must be
- You must have at least two full page sketches in
each of the following media:
o Pencil
o Pen
o Coloured pencil
o Grease pencil/China marker
o Conte
- You must also include at least 4 gesture drawings in
any media of your choice.
I also want to see a little bit of variety in your
subjects. This means that if you do most of your sketches
as animals, I want at least ONE sketch of a human figure,
and vice versa.
 Your sketchbooks are to be handed back into me on
the bus ride home.
Have an awesome day at the zoo!
Tip: if you foresee yourself getting stuck on figure
construction, you might want to bring your figure drawing
package with you for reference.
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