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of participation of the 6th International Glass Conference
15 – 18 May, 2012, Saratov, Russian Federation
1.Participant______________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________
(name of company)
Person for contacts______________________________________________________________________________________________
(name and post)
Phone _________________ Fax ____________________ E-mail _______________________ ________________________________
Address______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
Participants (full name and post) _________________________________________________ ________________________________
Speaker, title of report__________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Organizer: Branch "Stesa-Science"of Saratov Glass Institute Co,Stk represented by Director of Branch "Stesa-Science" Mrs.
Inessa N. Gorina.
3. Registration fee and terms of payment
3.1 Registration fee for participation in Conference is US$ 500.00 (for one person).
3.2 Application-Contract is sent by fax : +7(8452)63-12-22 or by E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
3.3 Invoice is sent to Participant after receiving Application -Contract and is paid in 5 days on account of Organizer.
If Participant refuses to take part in Conference but later than 15 days before its official opening ceremony, Registration
fee will not been returned.
4. Rights and obligations of Participant.
4.1 Participant would be under an obligation to pay Registration fee in advance.
4.2 Participant can give a talk (or report), take part in sessions and all events of Conference.
4.3 Participant has right to refuse in participation of Conference but not later than 15 days Before its official opening ceremony
with full return of paid Registration fee.
4.4 In the case of refusing Participant has right to transfer his participation in next Conference (without additional payment).
5. Rights and obligations of Organizer.
5.1 Organizer would be carried out Conference in period of above mentioned terms.
5.2 Organizer has right to make changes in Program but not later than 15 days before official opening ceremony.
Branch "Stesa-Science'of Saratov Glass Institute Co,Stk
Address: 2,Moskovskoye Shosse,Saratov,410041,Russia
Phone:+7(8452)43-94-73,fax:+7(8452) 63-12-22
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Bank: VTB Bank (open joint-stock company) Saratov Branch,
Saratov,S.W.I.F.T.:VTBR RU M2 SRT
Corr./acc./: 30301840250020003100 with VTB Bank
(open joint-stock company)
Corr./acc./: 890-0055-006 with Bank of New York, New York
Account: 30109840100000000001 of ООО KB NARATBANK,
Saratov,For "STESA-Science" of Saratov Institute of Glass
Account: 40702840700003000046
Mrs.Inessa N.Gorina
Director of Branch "Stesa-Science”
________ __________________
by Participant
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