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List of mythological
creatures believed to be in
different parts of the world.
Ammit is an ancient Egyptian mythological creature. It has the head of a
crocodile, the torso of a leopard and the hind legs of a hippopotamus. If
Anubis finds an evil soul, he feeds to Ammit, completely destroying the soul.
Anubis is also another ancient Egyptian mythological creature. It has the
head of a black jackal and a body of a human. He places the hearts of dead
peoples' souls on the Scale of Justice to decide whether or not it is evil. If it
is evil he feeds it to Ammit. If not they go on to the afterlife.
Cancer is a giant crab in Greek mythology, that helped the Hydra try to
defeat Herakles (Hercules). It clamped onto Heracles' foot during the battle.
Heracles was enraged at Cancer so he killed it. Juno (Hera, the first Greek
Goddess) made Cancer a constellation.
Centaurs have the torso and the head of a human and everything else is a
horse without a head which is where the human torso starts. Centaurs do
not appear in many stories but they appear to originate from a non-horseriding culture, like the Aztecs, who saw mounted nomads. Although pictures
of Centaurs were first found in Greek art.
Cerberus is a giant three headed dog with a snake for a tail. It guarded the
Cerberus entranceway to Hades ensuring that the dead could not get out and the
living couldn't get in.
The chimera had the head and body of a lioness, a goat head coming out of
its back, and a snake for a tail. It could breathe fire. It was born of Typhon
and Echidna. Bellerophon and Pegasus slew The Chimera in Greek
A cyclops is a giant with one eye instead of two. One of the most famous
cyclops is Polyphemus. He appears in Greek mythology when Odysseus,
and a group of his men, find a cave on an island full of food. It is
Polyphemus' cave and when he returns he traps the men. When the
cyclops is sleeping, Odysseus and his men, burn his eye with a burning
stick. They then escape.
Dragons are large lizard-like reptiles often portrayed in many legends
around the world in the past. In Europe, in the medieval times, the dragon
was usually a giant fire-breathing lizard that stole damsels or guarded
treasure. In China however the dragon is worshiped.
Harpies have the torso of a woman, the legs and wings of a bird and the
head of a gorgan. They are said to bring death as well as life.
The Hydra looks like a dragon except with nine heads (in some versions
there are up to 100) one of which cannot be harmed by any weapon. If one
of the heads is cut off another will grow back (in other stories two grow
back). Heracles killed the Hydra by cutting off one head then burning the
stump with a burning stick to prevent it from growing back. He then ripped
off the immortal head and crushed it under a rock.
Krakens are described as giant squids that could drag even the biggest
ships to the bottom of the sea. The logical explanation for these sighting are
that the sailors saw giant squid not an island-sized monster.
Medusa is the most well known of the three gorgan sisters. She had the
body of a woman but the thing that she is known for is her head. The eyes
were bulging, fangs bared, tongue lolled and she had live venomous snakes
for hair. If anything looked at her face it would turn to stone. Perseus killed
Medusa by looking at her reflection in his shield. He then cut off her head
and put it on his shield.
The Minotaur had the body of a man and the head of a bull. It dwelled in the
Labyrinth on the island of Crete. King Minos had seven young people be
Minotaur sacrificed to the Minotaur each year. Theseus killed the Minotaur with his
sword then escaped the Labyrinth by following the thread he had left behind
to retrace his steps.
Pegasus was a white horse with wings. He was said to be born from
Pegasus Medusa's blood when it hit the sea foam. Pegasus helped Bellerophon in
his fight against the Chimera and the Amazons.
The phoenix is a bird with red and gold plumage. It lives for 500 or 1461
years before it builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then sets fire to
consuming itself and the nest in the blaze. When all that is left are ashes, a
newborn Phoenix emerges from them. Phoenix's are said to regenerate
after being injured by a foe making it immortal. Tears from a Phoenix can
heal wounds.
Sirens had the heads of beautiful woman and the bodies of birds. They
could not fly because they had no feathers. They lived on an island and
lured sailors towards the rocky cliffs. After Odysseus escaped their lure they
committed suicide.
The Typhon had a hundred heads that reached all the way up to the stars.
When the Gods saw him, they all fled. But Zeus confronted him and rallied
the other Gods to do the same. Zeus struck him with a hundred lightning
bolts at the same time and crushed him under Mount Aetna.
List taken from:
(List has been abbreviated and edited by MG, UWO, 2009)
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