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Pages with references to suicide in Ruth Benedict’s
“The Crysanthemum and the Sword”:
on Page 38:
"... Japanese soldier should kill him- self with his
last hand grenade or charge weaponless against the
enemy in a mass suicide attack. ..."
on Page 101:
"... of sake doled out to them before going into
battle was a further Imperial on. Every kamikaze
pilot of a suicide plane was, they said, ..."
on Page 119:
"... that she has taken it but he has to shoulder the
blame himself. His wife discovers the truth, leaves a
suicide note taking all responsibility for the loss
of the money, and drowns herself and their baby. ..."
on Page 145:
"... got rid of. It may be necessary to take
vengeance upon one's detractor or it may be necessary
to commit suicide, ..."
on Page 151:
"... the New Year came around, the date on which
debts must be paid off, the in- solvent debtor might
commit suicide to `clear his name. ..."
on Page 155:
"... the tension is understandably great. Every
teacher has stories of the boys who when they know
they have failed commit suicide. ..."
on Page 166:
"... The most extreme aggressive action a modem
Japanese takes against himself is suicide. Suicide,
properly done, will, according to their tenets, clear
his name and reinstate his memory. ..."
on Page 167:
"... Clearing One's Name authorities say that this
liability to suicide is new in Japan. It is not easy
to judge, and statistics show that observers in
recent years have often ..."
on Page 168:
"... Even suicide as a final argument to win victory
for one's own side, though it occurs both in feudal
and in modern ..."
10. on Page 183:
"... Double love-suicides are favorite themes in
reading and conversation. The tenth-century Tale of
Genji is as elaborate a novel of romantic love ..."
on Page 193:
"... They are happily married and one or the other
commits suicide in the proper performance of his
duty. The wife who has devoted herself to rescuing
her husband's career and arousing ..."
12. on Page 202:
"... income. In Japanese eyes this was as much of a
test as if they had not already agreed to commit
suicide; their families would benefit. ..."
13. on Page 203:
"... this act made it inevitable that she should
commit suicide when vengeance was accomplished, for
she had to clear herself by death of the fault of
having appeared to be ..."
14. on Page 286:
"... It underlies their readiness to pit their
judgment even against their own Government, and to
testify to it by suicide. On occasion, it gives them
a capacity for mass megalomania. ..."
15. from Back Matter:
"... go, a unit of measure of capacity; less than one
cup. haji, shame. haraki'ri or seppuku, suicide
according to the samurai code. Sep- puku is the more
elegant term. ..."
from Back Matter:
The pilots of suicide planes in World War JI
called the Kamikaze Corps. katajikënai', thank
`I am insulted.' kino do'ku, thank you; ..."
17. from Back Matter:
"... satori, Buddhist enlightenment. seppu'ku or
harakiri, suicide by piercing the abdomen. In feudal
times it was the exclusive privilege of the nobles
and samurai. ..."
18. from Index:
"... 307-308 Strikes since VJ-Day, 310 Stylites,
Saint Simeon, 244 Sugimoto, Etsu Inagaki, 268 n.,
280-282,294-295 Suicide, 151, 166-168, 199-201, 204205, 289 sumimasen, 105 Surnames, in pre-Meiji Japan,
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