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1. Module: Biological nomenclature
2. Module code: БМН_6_2.22_1.5
3. Module type: selective
4. Term: 1
5. Module volume: general lessons quantity – 54 (ECTS credits – 1,5), auditorium
lessons – 16 (lectures – 6, labs – 10)
6. Lecturer: Chorna Galyna Anatoliivna - candidate of biological sciences,assistant
7. Training results:
During module studying students should:
know: classification peculiarities and biological objects nomenclature; taxonomical
hierarchy; to know about the International codes of botanical, zoological, syntactic
nomenclatures; authors quoting of the names rules; synonymy and names changes; special
nomenclature cases in relation to phytolites, cults of pitches, hybrids.
To be able: to use the international language of biological objects classification –
Latin, to distinguish the specific and generic names, and also higher grades sippes names; to
use the determinants dichotomy tables.
8. Training way: auditorium lessons
9. Compulsory previous and simultaneous modules: a botany, zoology,
mycology, microbiology with virology and immunology bases.
10. Module content: Classification and nomenclature. Taxonomical hierarchy.
Names and codes. Names setting. Codes of nomenclature. Codes changes. Scientific
names. Alphabet and language. Authors quoting names. Authors surnames. The separate
families names.
11. Recommended literature:
Зиман С.М., Дідух Я.П. та ін. Тримовний словник назв судинних рослин
флори України. – К.: Фітоцентр, 2008. – 320 с.
Смик Г.К. Корисні та рідкісні рослини України. Словник-довідник народних
назв. – К.: Українська республіканська Енциклопедія імені М.П. Бажана. 1991. – 416 с.
Алексеев Е.Б., Губанов И.А., Тихомиров В.Н. Ботаническая номенклатура.
– М.: Изд-во МГУ, 1989. – 168 с.
Джеффри Ч. Биологическая номенклатура. – М.: Мир, 1980.- 120 с.
12. Training forms and methods: lectures, laboratory classes,individual training
research work, individual work
13. Evaluative methods and criteria:
Current control (70 %): oral questioning, individual work
Total control (30 %): credit
14. Language: Ukrainian
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