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About problems of examination in the field of
an alternative energetic medicine
This theme was selected in relation to its actuality nowadays, not only for
patent system of Kazakhstan, also for patent system of many countries and far
The subject matter of this investigation are those difficulties, conflict
situations born in the course of an examination of approaches based on extra
natural occurrences.
Non-conventional medicine is the system of scientific knowledge and
practical measures jointed by aim of revelation, treatment and preventing of
illnesses, saving and strengthening of health and employability of people,
prolongation of life. Non-conventional medicine is summation of cumulative folk
empiric information about beneficial means of medicine, medicinal herbs, hygienic
skills as well as their practical application for saving of health, preventing and
treatment of illnesses.
Methods of non-conventional medicine are very variable and highly
effective if applies by wide-skilled specialists. Let list basic directions:
- phytotherapy and aromatherapy (exploitation of treaty capacities of plants
and their essential oils);
- fungal therapy (treatment by variety mushrooms);
- hirudotherapy (exploitation of medicine leeches for treatment of definitely
- thalassotherapy (treatment by marine algaes, salt and peloids);
- apiotherapy (treatment by honey and other products of honeywood);
- lithotherapy (application in medicine goals of stones);
- starvation;
- turpentine bath;
- alternative energetic medicine.
In rehearsed list included only most distributed methods which have got
wide popularity among population. In actual fact non-conventional medicine
includes more than twenty methods which have their own evidences.
As far as objective difficulties arise at revelation of technical results for
examination of approaches based on energetic informational influence would like
on detailed to stay on alternative energetic medicine.
Energetic medicine – group of practices of alternative medicine (nonconventional) which defined by National institute of healthcare (NIH) (Maryland,
USA) as practice declared of treatment with “undetected fields” metaphysical
nature – “vivid energy” to that group of NIH relate and “ritual of treatment”.
Scientific, objective confirmation therapeutic effect of these practices absent. Title
of “energetic medicine” was entered in 80-s after base of non-commercial of
International society of research of thin energy and energy medicine. Theories and
opinions of the society were scripted in two books with common name “Energetic
Theories and opinions of this society were scripted in two books with
common title “Energetic medicine”. National Institute of healthcare of USA
separate two categories of energetic medicine: scientific and alternative. Scientific
methods of treatment use mechanical oscillation energy (as sound, ultrasound) and
electric magnetic emission, including optic light, magnetism, monochromic
emissions (for example laser). These methods use for treatment of emission of
patients with physically measuring frequencies and lengths of waves. In medicine
terminology these methods relate to physiotherapeutical or radiotherapeutical
methods. Alternative energetic medicine – usually concern the “Biofield”,
“Bioenergetic informational influence”, as well as “Biolocation” (dowsing) and
“Geopathic zones” directed to diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. In these fields
of non-conventional medicine the system that wasn’t processed or wasn’t fluently
processed explaining received results of scientific knowledge.
In the more level scientists relate to substitute non-conventional medicine.
To basic of purposes of substitute medicine lied not scientific, but fantasy
introduction about so called “astral bodies” (Biofield in this case), “Energetic
informational transfer” like managed by willingness of human, stream of cosmic
energy etc. The approach of research of these objects as usually are actions as
biolocation (dowsing), astrological research, cabbala of digits etc. In inventions
we often use terms as “bioenergetic informational influence” and “biofield”.
Common rule of purposed approaches of treatment and devices for their
implementation concluded in diagnosis of illness by “biofield” then treat by
“informational energetic” or energetic informational influence. Also we could
use terms of ancient eastern medicine and astrology as “astral body”, “karma”
and “chakra”.
Certainly indicated material means must be related to only to objectively
existing material world. For attributes that characterize definitions of ideal world
that relate to the field of intuitive imagination, material equivalent are absent. So,
for example wide used in patents of substitute medicine the indication
“bioenergetic informational transfer” do not have material equivalent because
means are unknown for implementation of this transfer. Also the indication of “the
field of energetic action (moving) liquid” can not have material equivalent,
besides of famous in science of four fundamental interaction and the fifth
interaction that could provide the existence of such specific field. All the more so
evident that an absent of material equivalents of these indication as “astral body”,
“karma” and “chakra” (on including Hinduism meaning not only that places on the
body of human, and also qualitative characteristics of these places) as well as other
indication characterized by meanings of their fields of believing.
We should notice that there undefined affirmation of “paranormalists” about
their abilities “to see aura”, “to see biofield” and way to define the source of their
illness. Indefinite relate with output of imagination that was created by physiology
including imagination about highest levels of integration of brain processes.
Exploitation of integrative (joint) methods of research showed us that if higher by
integrative level so more difficult interpreter their results. These methods do not
allow find out local source of infringements and used in diagnosis jointly with
many other methods. Applicants think that purposed by them approaches based on
extra natural occurrences. In some cases applicants confirm that the approach of
their treatment in influence to chakras. Term “chakra” took from eastern religious
mysterious knowledge, for example, yoga, but yoga – this is method of physical
and psychological auto training – do not have any common with purposed by
applicants. This way, it’s impossible in any “seeing” any integral picture truly
indicate concrete illness and this character of approaches of treatment, diagnosis do
not suitable in modern natural – scientific imagination.
In subtitle 8 of Art. 18 of the “Rule on drawing up, filing out and
consideration of application for some subject matters of industrial property,
amendment some information in relevant state registers on subject matters of
industrial property of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as issuance of document
of protection and amendments to the Order of Acting Minister of Justice of the
Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 23, 2010, # 136 “Some matters of legal
protection of subject matters of industrial property” we can examples received as
do not having technical manner. Let underline main of them:
- due to only particular qualities of meaning contest of information,
- concluded in entertaining and entertainment;
- appeared only in consequence of particular qualities of impression of human
with participation his brain.
Consequently received at applied purposes, decisions concluded only in
purposed healer to patient reading matching for him texts or separate phrases
results could not have technical character.
Similar to carrying out by healers preliminary events with attendance as
earlier noticed for entertaining cabbala buildings, in particular, matrix, as well as
taken as not provided technical character of receiving results.
In another case receiving results due to exclusively particular qualities of
optically impressed patient to the image. For example, applied purposes content
confirmation about treatment rang of illnesses, it due to patient long consider the
image of Buddah or another image, in some points of them were established
natural crystals. In dome descriptions applied purposes noticed consequence of
appointment of invention especially esthetical influence and that case an image of
ancient chakras turned to seekers to suitable impression at looking up image. In
this case by figure – imagine means to patient transfer information received by
synthesis of optical and natural sincere impression.
If an approach of influence to human concluded only in perfection of any
ritual when healer acts passes with hands and/or fire the system of candles and use
any other ritual requisites of belief, occultism aiming strengthening of influence of
acting motion, in result of this the patient’s mood changes, attitude etc. what could
lead to change of indication of life functions of body, in particular to rehabilitation
or degradation of well-being so the same consequence has place and creations of
Consequently receiving result considered as without presence of technical
character, of it resulted exclusively by mysterious sincere emotional influence, for
example, religious ceremonies or mystical rituals or the same influence of
compositions of art and etc.
From above-mentioned we can understand that definitions that could be
included in technical level, but exist in material world described by technical
scientific definitions do not have and could not have suitable material equivalents.
By the way do not realize the condition of possibility of implementation of
invention that result from definition of industrial application, applied in subtitle 1
of Art.6 of the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
As rule negative reply has essential character and representing by applicants
additional materials with indication of information source related also to the field
of parapsychology could not change conclusions of examination about nonfulfillment of conditions of implementation of inventions resulted from definition
of industrial appliance in accordance with subtitle 1 Art.6 of the Patent Law of the
Republic of Kazakhstan. In these cases an examination could not be agree with
described confirmations of applicant, that material equivalent are transfer as so
called micro lepton, spinorial, torsion or other field, so discover of them till
nowadays wasn’t available. Control of implementation of indicated by applicant
designations in realization of applied purposes in the field of non-conventional, in
particular, substitute medicine, call insuperable obstacles when the base of applied
purposes definitions not related to the field of science and techniques.
We should notice about application of biolocational method (dowsing) at
investigation of chamber of treasures of soil. Practice shows us in many countries
that the application of dowsing at investigation of treasures of soil proved that this
method low profitable. Lately became more popular term “hepatogenic zone”. The
idea is not defined intuitionally zones mean places, potentially dangerous for living
even for short living of human. By the theory of biolocation on hepatogenic zones
frames turn around that earth mines come from stream of negative energy. The
nature of “biolocation effect” of chemical elements stay as unknown. Till now
dowsers could not come to unite opinion to what they become: chemical element
or biooperator – dowser.
So that the control of implementation indicated by applicant of designation
in realization of invention containing characteristics that do not have suitable
material equivalents in accordance of the field out of existing material world (in
particular in case of exploitation of term related to unscientific) as impossible so
that do not have material component of its implementation.
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