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Art Studio
Lesson Preparations:
Time Frame:
-2.5 Classes of 75 minutes each.
Instructional Aids:
-Personal Exemplars with various ink.
-Stephan Barton’s Collagraph Art:
-Chris Sim’s Collagraph Art:
-Any material that has interesting
texture (encourage students to bring
in own materials)
-Various ropes, yarn, ribbon, buttons,
syran wrap, foil, corrugated
-Molding Paste/Acrylic Paint
-Glue sticks
-One illustration board per student
(size dependant on project
expectations, suggestion: 8” x 8”)
-Matte/Gloss Polymer to seal relief
-Ink plates
-Printing Ink and rollers
-Wooden Spoons
-Newspaper, Paper towel
-Final composition paper (several
sheets per student)
-Incredible @rt Department:
Accommodation for Special
-Any student that may have difficulty
utilizing fine motor skills may work
with a partner. Both students will be
required to contribute to final project,
however gluing and placing of objects
may be assigned to a student with
fine motor ability.
-Dependant on the level of students,
the symbol making/ critical thinking
aspect of this project may be
Title: Who am I?: Collagraph/Relief Printmaking
Level: Grade 11 Open (AVI3O)
Purpose: To build on previous knowledge of printmaking and to extend the classical
forms of printmaking to create a relief sculpture template that alone, too, stands as a
piece of art. Students will also engage in critical thinking and literacy in a self-reflective
General Expectations:
1. Students will apply creative process through the use of a myriad of materials
and mediums to express individual symbolism and thought.
2. Students will actively engage in critical thinking and literacy.
3. Students will be involving multiple mediums (with an art focus and lyrical focus)
4. Students will apply an understanding of design and printmaking technique.
Preliminary Expectations:
1. Students will engage in preliminary work involving critical thought and literacy,
specifically in deciding on song lyrics which express their identity.
2. Students will be responsible for analytical and creative thought through
interpreting song lyrics into personal imagery/symbol. Each student is required
to find/create 4-5 symbols as interpreted from the song lyrics.
3. Students will bring any material/medium they would like to incorporate into
their relief sculpture template.
1. Students will collect leaves, stones, shoes and other materials with
interesting texture and create crayon rubs of the objects.
2. Students will then be shown the online examples of both Stephan Barton and
Chris Sim’s Collagraph Art.
Development & Application
1. All students will be given one illustration board as a base for their template.
2. With glue sticks and polymer, students will create a relief collage with all of
their materials, ensuring that the template is sealed.
3. After a day of drying, the templates are ready to be inked and printed.
4. With a plexi glass ink plate, students are to mix inks to create unique colours
that suit their template.
5. With an ink roller, students must apply the ink on the plate by rolling the roller
in one continuous direction, thus applying the ink equally on the roller.
6. With newspaper underneath their template, students will then roll their
template carefully with the ink roller.
7. On a clean sheet of newspaper, the students will then place the inked template
face up.
8. With the final composition paper, the student will register the paper with the
template and place the paper on top of the template in one motion, so as not to
smudge the ink.
9. Once the paper is lightly pressed onto the template, the students, with the use
of a wooden spoon, will rub the paper over the details of the collagraph.
10. Once the rubbing is completed the student must carefully pull the paper away
from the template and, once dried, must sign their work.
Critical Literacy & Design Extensions
1. Students will create prints with two colours of ink, registered over each other.
2. Students will use various other mediums such as crayon, charcoal and paint to
add detail and interest to their print.
3. Students may be assigned a brief reflective paragraph including their creative
process and decisions in personal imagery/symbol from their song lyrics.
Theory (Knowledge): Students will effectively and professionally use the form of collagraph printmaking.
Creation & Analysis (Thinking & Communication): Students have effectively interpreted their lyrics into symbol and have
utilized the medium and form of printmaking to best suit these images and expression.
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