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Do you help your mother to do the housework

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Do you help your mother to do the housework? Yes, I
You wash your clothes in the washing machine.
What size is the washing machine in your house? You
put the dirty clothes and some detergent in the
washing machine. You start the washing machine.
The clothes are clean. You hang the clothes outside.
You do the laundry.
Do you have a laundry room in your house?
It is hot outside. You wear a T-shirt.
How many T-shirts do you have? Too many to count.
You take a bat and play ball with the bat in the field.
You play ball with a bat.
You wear a pair of gloves to catch the ball.
It’s very cold outside. You wear a pair of gloves to go
You wear a pair of gloves to wash the dishes (clothes).
Do you put on a pair of gloves to plant the vegetables?
Yes, I do.
You wear a pair of gloves to ride a scooter.
2002/7/2 (7-20)
Do you have a sofa? No, I don’t.
Do you have a watch? Yes, I do. I have a watch.
Does he have a bathroom? Yes, he does. He has a
Does she have a cat? Yes, she has a cat.
You make your hair straight.
Your hair is not curly. Your hair is straight.
There are a lot of pictures in the bedroom.
Most of the pictures are on the desk.
A puppy /A kitten
Take some food from the refrigerator in the kitchen.
Feed most of the food to the puppy.
Feed the rest of the food to the kitten.
A papaya, Two papayas
You take an airplane from Taiwan to Hong Kong for
two hours.
You go to your girl friend’s house by taxi.
You are thirsty. You tell your friend to make some
papaya juice in the blender for you.
You drink most of the papaya juice. You put the rest
of the papaya juice in the refrigerator.
There is a carrot in the farm. Pick the carrot from the
farm. Feed the carrot to the rabbit.
The rabbit eats most of the carrots. Throw the rest of
the carrots in the garbage can.
It is a sunny day, but you don’t have an umbrella.
You are very hungry at home, but you don’t have any
food in the refrigerator.
It is windy and cloudy, but you don’t have a jacket.
You are very cold.
Do they have any money? Yes, they do.
Do we have any money? Yes, we do.
He has some money. He has fifty dollars, but I don’t
have any money.
You have one hundred dollars with you.
You are a parent. You give some money to your
children. You give your son fifty dollars. You give
forty dollars to your daughter.
There is some money in your pocket. Count the
money. There are twenty dollars in your pocket.
You kneel down in front of people.
You beg people for money. You count the money in the
How much money do you have? I have two hundred
You are very thirsty, but you don’t have any juice in
your house.
You go to your friend’s house by bicycle.
You take a bottle of juice. You give your friend twenty
You kneel down and beg people for money and food.
You eat a lot of bread and some ham for your
breakfast with your family.
Are you a kind man? Yes, I am.
How much money do you have? I have five hundred
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