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1. Module name: Nature conservation
2. Module code: ХЕ_6_2.16_3,0
3. Module type: compulsory
4. Semester: 8
5. Module structure: total number of academic hours –108 (ECTS credits – 3);
class hours – 32 (lectures – 12, laboratory classes – 20).
6. Lecturer: Hanna E. Honcharenko – Candidate of Biological Sciences,
assistant professor
7. Education outcomes:
After the module studying a student is to
know: problems of the Earth’s, soils, atmosphere, vegetable and animal world,
man’s health protection, problems of water resources, exhaust waters’ second rational
use, small rivers and Black sea’s protection, problems of wild-groving, pasture-lands offshore aquatic vegetation’s rational use, protection and recreation, reasons of rare kinds’
decline of quantity, problems of rare kinds and cenosiss, role of public organizations in
nature conservation;
be able to: realize knowledges on nature protection while generation rising; treat
positively with nature values, protect and restore them, create nature protection
measures; expose the problems of basic methods of nature conservation while global
national and regional scales decision.
8. Teaching mode: classes
9. Required compulsory prior and related modules: Biogeography, bases of
10. Module content: Land resources of Ukraine and their protection, water
resources of Ukraine and their protection, atmospheric air and its protection, vegetation
of Ukraine and its protection, animal kingdom of Ukraine and its protection, bowels of the
earth and their protection, organization of nature protection, international union of nature
11. Literature to use:
Воїнственський М.А., Стойко С.М. Охорона природи. - К.: Рад. школа,
1977. -142 с.
Медина В.С. Охорона природи. Загально географічні основи. - К.:
Вища шк., 1977. - 192с.
Довідник з охорони природи / А.Л. Андрієнко, П.І. Фещенко, В.С.
Андрусишин та ін.; Упоряд. А.Л. Андрієнко, П.І. Фещенко .- К.: Урожай, 1985. – 248 с.
12. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, practical classes, individual
research assignment, individual work.
13. Evaluation methods and criteria:
 Current control (70 %) oral feedback, home individual work.
 Final control (30%, credit): testing, control testing.
14. Language of instruction: Ukrainian
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