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Hey all,
Whats good? Ahhhh, I hate people that say that! In other
I lead off with urging you to buy tickets to winter wonderland.
Ticket sales are limited to 500, and last year the event sold out
in four days (I was tempted to make a tickets/hotcakes referencerestrain yourself!). Tickets are on sale at the Lerner Box from
12PM-5PM daily. The event is exclusively for freshman and will
definitely be a blast. And I'm not just saying that because I'm
secretly profiting from ticket purchases. Hmmmm, just think about
that one for a while....
Other fresh Columbia jive- Today I met with the head of Housing
Herman Matte. Many of you had requested that a pool or ping pong
table be put in the ample space of Carman Lounge. I submitted a
proposal to Matte for such items, and today he informed me that a
ping pong table would be purchased for the lounge. They are still
pricing out the pool table and considering placement, so I will try
to keep you posted. Further, sadly I was shot down after nearly a
month of debate on the issue of purchasing DVD players for the
freshman class. The committee does not have the budget allotment
available for such a proposal this semester, and despite spirited
debate, the idea was shelved.
However, that being said, we still would like the freshman class
to have DVD players. We would like to further such a goal on a
floorwide basis. If each floor were to purchase a DVD player, each
individual floor member would only be responsible for $1 or $2. For
the most part, those who have come forth have said that they do not
mind the cost as much as the time and effort of purchasing the
player. We would like to quote out the prices of players, and offer
the floors chances to pool their money without the time obligation
of the actual purchase. Rather than forcing the individuals
themselves to go out and make the purchase, a member of council
will simply come and collect the money for the player and deliver
the unit straight to the given floor. Ahhhhh I'm even confusing
myself.....I'll elaborate more on the website before break.
In other sexy and exciting news, Isaac (For all intensive
purposes my Co-President) passed a resolution concerning alumni
affairs at Executive council this week. The resolution proposes
earlier admittance for students to Online Columbia Clubs, fostering
closer relations between students and Alumni. For more details,
check the resolutions link on the site.
Well, that's all for now. In the interests of desperately needed
sleep, I humbly bid you adieu......
Matthew Schoenfeld
Isaac Silverman
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