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The Thread That Started It All

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The Thread That Started It All
Marketers Give Their Advice....
Without Holding Back!
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The Thread
Liz Tomey: It's funny how this "type" of question gets asked so many times. We all
preach the same answer, we all have free and paid products that teach the answer, so
why does this question keep getting asked?
My question to us in here that teach is..what are we doing wrong that people are still hung up
on building a list?
It's always the same formula...
1. Create killer offer
2. Build squeeze page to give killer offer from and collect leads
3. Get traffic
Now for each of those steps there's a hundred strategies that go with them.
I could elaborate for the next 12 hours I am sure on each one, but what is going on that
people aren't doing this. I mean this is where it all starts!!
Jeff Wellman: This is a loaded question as there are going to be many answers as to
the why.. But I will tell you that the WHY is what needs to be found out before you
really can give these people the real help they need.
We tend to look at peoples questions and give them an answer that makes sense to us but
we never really take a good look at the question and investigate into Why they are asking this
Liz you will get a bunch of people telling you what your doing wrong with your teaching but it
won't be what is really holding people back on this or with anything else they are stuck on.
Well in your case it isn't the teaching because yours is solid! But although the teaching may
be rock solid it may be the when we are teaching what we are teaching :) Hope that makes
We do things backwards sometimes. We teach what makes sense to us. Instead we need to
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think about the mindset of the one we are teaching . Start with what is there already and go
from there. It is hard to position something in the mind that is not ready to accept what is
trying to be forced in.
So the answer to one of your statements, " I mean this is where it all starts!" My question to
you would be... IS IT? To us Yes... But what about the student just starting out?
Another going to the mindset that the person has when they get the new course. If
they just had a couple bad experiences with a couple other products before yours they are
going to come in hoping your product is better than the last and the experience will be
different. But the mind really is not expecting it to be and it will begin to prepare that person or
protect that person from the pain of failure. So it will never take action on the teaching. It will
just chalk it up to I knew it wouldn't be any different.
We really have to pay attention to positioning our products and teachings properly so that the
mind of the student can identify properly to move forward.
In other words we need to get to know our customers.
Liz this is where you and I rock... we have two way communication opened up with our
customers to help with this. Just like this thread is going to be a form of two way
communication and it will lead to answering some of the why' to why people are stuck at
something that makes perfect sense to us.
I will have to come back and visit this thread as it is going to take on an amazing life..
Hope I made sense it was written without a second cup of coffee and lack of sleep :)
Doug Powell: @Liz Fear of Failure, Procrastination or Laziness take your pick - The
80% who do nothing want an answer other than - Just Do It.
PPC is an easy way to get traffic specific to your offer. However, using adwords to
build a list with your example page will probably get you slapped. google wants a little more
content on your landing page. Also, choose a niche other than "how to make money online"
to start as well.
Pick a passion in your life and write a short Secret Tips report about it. Give the report away
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in exchange for their email address.
be creative:
flying kites
tying flies
-kiting checksinstalling ceiling fans
it doesn't really matter. simply take action.
Omar Martin:<FTC CRAP TAG> Results are not typical. </FTC CRAP TAG>
Reality is we are not average people - that is why we don't settle for average results and we move on to comprise the 3% of marketers that the other 97% points the finger at.
What makes us "above average" - well, the 3 d's
I simply will not conform to being broke all the time.
I simply will not conform to an average life.
I simply will not conform to having a "boss". (my wife would argue that one)
Sadly, Average people DO conform to these things.
They conform because complacency is easy but success takes hard work.
Many of them dream of financial freedom and online success - some can even picture it for
themselves.. they say "well I'm a hard worker... I can do it." but they just don't really
understand what it means TO WORK HARD FOR YOURSELF.
There's no bail out for us, there's no tax refund to look forward to, theres no guaranteed
salary, there's no medical benefits provided to us by "the internet" (LOL imagine that)
We rely solely on ourselves to PROVIDE FOR OURSELVES. (The way it aught to be!) The
way things used to be when our great nation was founded. If you don't kill you don't eat. You
need to go out and catch yourself some dinner or your gonna starve. Thats how WE think (the
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All the while the 97% wants a fall back. They are afraid to rely solely on themselves. They
want a safety net, a cushion. Even if they picture it... the moment it gets rough... the first day
they didn't catch some dinner they blame someone else for not teaching them how to hunt
properly. Or they scream bloody murder to be given some of YOUR dinner because they are
"entitled" WHAT???
<OMARS RANT> You ain't "entitled" to [email protected] son! - You gotta make it happen for yourself on
this earth son!
You can follow the path of someone thats done it before you... but there are no FREE rides.
I wish everyone would just strive to become one of the 3% rather than strive to be supported
by them through the false entitlement of "government programs"
-- ok ok --- I'm rambling now... Sorry .... </END OMARS RANT>
At the end of the day - people just want push button systems, they want it "done for them"
they want it easy. They want magic fairy dust to sprinkle on their lap tops that will instantly
make money appear in their PayPal accounts, and they want it for nothing... because they are
I tell my students EXACTLY what they need to do... then they go and try to reinvent the wheel
- then they come back and say "I'm not getting results..." and it starts all over again with me
telling them EXACTLY what to do.. etc. etc.
Sean Beardmore: Liz, Jeff, Doug and Omar,
(Hope you don't mind me interrupting :) )
A topical and timely Buzz :) After being told to build a list, build a list and build a
list............I kicked myself up the A*** and have started to build one, and I hear you say it is
easy to get to 5k list in a month, and yes it can be, but I am still under 500 for a months work.
But 500 more than I had before.
It is true, there is a right way and only way to do it, and as Liz says;
1. Create killer offer
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2. Build squeeze page to give killer offer from and collect leads
3. Get traffic
But instead of keeping things simple, I tend to complicate the simplest of tasks, or make them
seem more complicated than they actually are!
For the last month or so, I have had my squeeze page and offer and adding names to my list,
but slowly because instead of mixing the traffic sources immediately, I relied on one source,
that was adswaps. OK I have wasted time, but I realize now I should have been mixing it up
getting involved in giveaways, tweeting, Facebook fan page, social networking etc. and using
as many free traffic sources as possible, but then there is time, so now I am looking to
outsource as much as possible. But hey, I am not giving up, I do tend to put more hours in
than I should and I should be a lot further on than I am , and Life gets in the way and it did for
3 months or so.
I am at the point of being angry, angry that I have to work for someone else, when with just a
little extra time and effort and I will be working for myself. I certainly don't want to settle for
anything less in life, but to be the best I possibly can be and a bit more :)
I just have to keep it simple and keep it going :) Any way, there is a semi-newbie view lol
Omar.............I booked up for Bristol (UK) and Robert Puddy's workshop.........see your going
to be there, be great to meet :)
Have a great weekend all, time to get out of this god forsaken place they call work ;)
Take care
Sean Beardmore
Doug Champigny: Hi, Liz!
Have some fresh insight into this, so wanted to share it with you and Jeff...
What we do works for us, so when they can't get it going we assume they just don't get it or
aren't putting in the effort - and while that may be true for some, it's also true there's a flaw in
our thinking, in how we ALL have been presenting it to them...
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1. Create killer offer
2. Build squeeze page to give killer offer from and collect leads
3. Get traffic "
Plain and simple, right? No.
We have our systems and have done it for years, so we forget certain things - and I've yet to
see them addressed...
As you know, we recently opened up our PowerStart Marketing coaching program to the
public. To make sure they 'got it' we went all out - told them in live webinars what to do, step
by step. Gave them videos showing what to do, step by step. And kept a running Skype chat
open so they had access to Teri & I and the rest of the class.
So on the section of the course that deals with list-building, what happened? Every single
student was able to follow our formula and create an awesome report to give away in no time.
Then they hit the autoresponders.... {Enter theme music from Jaws}
Every autoresponder is different - both in features it offers and in how things are done. We've
all been at it so long we forget the technical issues that can crop up when first dealing with
new technology - ever spent a night screaming and pulling out your hair over tech glitches
when working with a new technology? (Oh yes you have - I remember those days! ;-) )
Setting up the new list; putting in the message for the confirmation e-mail & for the download
link; figuring out where to put the URL for the confirmation page vs the URL for the download
page, getting and editing the code for the signup form so it matches your design. We do it
regularly without even thinking about it - but what if you were suddenly doing it at a new A/R
site that had everything in different places, and went about it a different way?
Newbies have to face all that - and they don't have the advantage we do in that we already
understand everything about how it's supposed to work, so what's logical to us is new to
them. And from what we've seen, it's not the lack of effort or being new to marketing holding
most back, it's an wariness over new technologies and the fear of screwing it all up somehow.
So before we're quick to say that newbies are lazy or that they don't follow instructions, lets
talk to them and see what THEY perceive as the problem. For example, the A/R issue - do we
make a video for each of Parabots, UMC, GoldBar, GetResponse & aWeber, then add in
more each time a student is using a different one? Insist they all use the same A/R service?
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Simply tell them they're not paying attention, that they should study that part again and then
go re-frustrate themselves again?
For now, the only answer we've come up with is go and walk through their system with them
and help them figure it out if it's not a system we're familiar with - and to not assume they
simply aren't motivated, aren't listening or aren't putting in the effort.
Anyway, all just IMHO...
Have a super weekend!
Omar Martin: @ Sean Dude - out of everything that you've mentioned... the best thing I see you doing is
ASKING FOR HELP. Good for you man, I mean that.
And you are well on your way...
anger is good - it is THEE best motivator.
People can be unhappy about their present situation and still continue with it.
Most people are ok with unhappiness - because they just assume that they're supposed to be.
It isn't until they get ANGRY that they take action to change their situation.
As far as building a list... yes it is one of the most important things you can do as a newbie.
BUT build the RIGHT list - build a TARGETED list of hungry BUYERS.
Growth for the purpose of growth is the etiology of the cancer cell and if untreated it ends up
killing the host.
Don't just start building a list for the sake of having a big list.
Build it strong.
Seek to build a list of BUYERS . . not just freebie seekers.
Wouldn't you rather have a small list of confirmed buyers than a big list of freebie seeking
NON buyers?
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Doug Champigny: @ Omar
Omar, I'll take your big list of 'freebie seekers' - any day!
With 30+ years of advertising & marketing experience, I know the most valuable list is
targeted prospects. As I said in my webinar last night, the term 'freebie-seekers' is unique to
the online world, and created by order-takers, not marketers. The offline equivalent is 'tirekickers', which you never hear from top earners in the auto industry, just failed salesmen.
Remember that most online marketers have never been educated in marketing, never worked
in marketing before coming online. Most couldn't even tell you the difference between sales
and marketing...
Your customer list is EASIER to sell to - no doubt about that. Only natural, since they're
already warmed up & have already bought from you. So if it's an easy sale, why would you
focus so much time and energy to sell to them? They already know you & trust you, assuming
what you sold them was good content & it over-delivered. All you need to do is let them know
something new is available and how it would benefit them.
Why would huge, profitable corporations give out freebies at trade shows if it only brought in
'freebie seekers'? Why would consumer product specialists give out free samples if it only
brought in 'freebie seekers'? Why would every 7 & 8-figure marketer do free tele-seminars
and webinars if it only attracted 'freebie seekers'?
Let me give you a quick case study... One large marketing firm was doing $30 million a year
online - you may know who I mean. Their mentor told them they had it all wrong - instead of
focusing their time on their existing customers they should automate the back-end and use
95% of their resources to bring new prospects into their funnel.
The results? Within 2 years their sale went from $30 to $300 million a year, and they have a
list of 3 million opt-ins. Better still, at any point 1/3 of their list has bought something in the last
6 weeks. That's a pretty awesome scenario - wouldn't mind it myself! ;-) Not sure I'd want their
400 employees though... LOL
Anyway, yes - your customer list is today's gold. But prospects demonstrating an interest in
your niche and giving you the right to e-mail, in exchange for your freebie are tomorrow's
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goldmine - if you know how to market to them.
Doug Powell: @sean - try some Mainstream PPC for your outsource. You may,
however, want to add additional text to your landing page to receive a better Quality
Score from google. Better Quality Score = Better Position for Less $
I too tend to overcomplicate and over think myself.
I have had several different mentors teach me to set 3 goals for 1 day. When you have a J-OB, limiting your available time, set only ONE goal per day. Accomplish that goal and let
nothing else get in the way. Turn off your email, phone and close all other browser windows.
Get up an hour earlier if you have to.
Omar Martin: @ Doug Champigny - good point.
However, I feel that teaching a newbie to solely build a list of freebie seekers is just
bad advice regardless of how many fortune 500 companies give away free samples or how many billion dollar case studies from huge corporations there are...
A newbie does not have these resources - and is just learning what "marketing" is.
A newbie needs to learn to build a PROFITABLE list fast. A list of BUYERS that he/she can
monetize almost immediately.
NOT a list of freebie seekers... then the Newbie will have a big non-responsive list and has to
struggle learning how to make a few of them respond... by the time he/she has figured that
out the list is old and has a ridiculous bonce rate.
Don't get me wrong... I give stuff away too - we all do - but that is to show my one time offer to
more and more people. And I do have squeeze pages with ethical bribes that bring people
into my sales funnels. This is viral business building. These are the things that newbies need
to learn to build a good list.
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I just don't think its wise to tell a new person to go out and blindly build a big list of crappy
worthless leads. Can we sell to tire kickers? Sure - we're experts. But Its just paving a harder
road for the noobs - that's the road I had to travel and eventually I just deleted my HUGE
freebie seeker list ... and built it again FASTER, STRONGER and Full of buyers....
Thankfully, I'm on track now to have my first million dollar year... and my current list is a
fraction of the size HUGE freebie seeker list I had when I was broke.
That ain't statistics, that ain't case studies thats a fact, it is exactly what I did.
Sean Lombardo: If I may jump in here with some comments from the perspective of
a newbie in this business, the biggest issue I have is the massive amount of
conflicting information. Traffic Generation and List Building are the tops of the list.
There is conflicting information in this thread alone, and this is from some of the top marketers
in the field right now. For example:
Pro: Start to build your list through Giveaways.
Con: Stay away from Giveaways, you won't get a list of buyers.
Pro: Use Ad Swaps to build your list.
Con: Don't use Ad Swaps. No one will swap with you when you are just starting out.
Pro: Use Traffic Exchanges to build your list.
Con: Don't use Traffic Exchanges. Only other marketers will be clicking your links.
Pro: Use Social Networking to drive traffic.
Con: Don't bother with Social Networking. Marketers have spammed it to death and no one
pays attention anymore.
Pro: Use Article Marketing to drive traffic.
Con: Article Marketing takes a huge time commitment and your traffic will die off if you aren't
Pro: Use PPC to drive traffic.
Con: Stay away from PPC when you are a newbie or you will lose your shirt.
I can go on and on but I think you get my point. The problem becomes when you don't start to
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see results from the Pro of one method you think that maybe the Con of that method is right.
When in actuality you might just be doing something wrong, and with a little tweak it would
work wonders. But as a newbie, we don't know enough to know that. So we keep trying
different methods making little progress in the mean time.
For me personally, that's what I seem to be struggling the most with.
Doug Champigny: @ Sean Lombardo
That's one of the biggest issues in this biz, Sean...
The analogy I use is getting from point A to point B; You could go by plane, car, motorcycle or
boat. Each works and will get you there, right?
But if you take the wing from a plane, the wheels from a car, the windshield from the
motorcycle and the outboard motor from the boat, you'll go nowhere. So does that mean
planes, cars, motorcycles and boats are useless transportation?
It's the same thing online - there are many different paths to success. Some got here with ebooks, some with adsense, some as affiliates, etc. Some use PPC, some articles and others
Following any one of those who have truly made it online (and do your homework on that - a
LOT of people make claims...) and you can reach success to one extent or another based on
you and your actions.
But most people listen to far too many people, takes bits and pieces of each system and try to
get somewhere - then finally give up and say it's all a sham. Some do it because they don't
know whom to trust, others because they think they know better than those of us who've been
there, done that. And they might - as I said, there are a lot of roads to the top.
If you find what you're trying isn't working, pick one mentor and follow JUST THEM til you
have a successful business online - then see what the others have to say about how to do
even better.
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Hope it helps...
Doug Champigny: @ Omar Martin
Point well taken, Omar - like I just told Sean, there are many ways to the top in this
We never focus on teaching people how to make sales fast - in fact I tell people that the best
way to make money NOW is to get a job.
Our focus is on teaching them to build long-term, profitable businesses, so we teach the tech
end of it, marketing, product creation, list-building, traffic generation, etc.
(Which is probably why even our 4-week crash course needs over 1.5 gigs of video LOL)
I've seen a lot of people shoot to the top quickly then fade away over the 14 years I've been
online full-time, so my philosophy is more of a 'teach them how to build sustainable, semiautomated businesses' line than show them just how to get sales or just how to get traffic.
Those I do with products - for coaching I want them to get a lot more.
Congrats on getting to the 7-figure mark this year - proves my point that there are numerous
approaches that work online!
Omar Martin: @ Sean I gotta agree with Doug (both of them)
Look Sean - I used to be in the medical field a long time ago and I learned that if you show
the same EKG strip to 9 different cardiologists you'll get 9 different interpretations and whats
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scarier ... 9 different sets of treatment modalities!
But at the end of the day they will all agree that the patient has a pulse and is breathing and
needs to eat right and exercise.
This is why you need to pick the cardiologist that you like and trust the best. I may not be that
guy. And God knows that I am not trying to "compete" for the position either. But you should
be mindful of these things...
There are thousands of ways to make money online and each have several schools of
thought and approaches.
I think you need to find the ones that suit you the best.
Some approaches will work better for certain niches, some will require more time etc. etc.
You need to do the ones that best suit your business plan, your personal goals and you as a
human being in general.
There will always be conflicting information and differences of opinion in ALL endeavors.
Gene Ilten: Ok I will weigh in here and promise not to derail the conversation.I have
been dabbling in this for a few years (Much to the frustration of my mentors). I am
starting to come to the conclusion that I may be better fitted for the "behind the
scenes" stuff. I have always fallen flat on the traffic side of things. My biggest problem
is trying to maintain a full time job and have the energy to build a business in the few hours
that my creativity is working and I can see straight enough to do something (not usually when
I first get home). It is hard for me to keep at article writing and blogging day after day with
minimal results. I have found that I am getting fairly good at building videos and power points.
I actually like doing that. So I am working on a JV where I supply the videos and the other
person takes cars of the marketing side. That may be what works for me. Who knows? From
that I may be able to move into more marketing.
I still consider myself a newbie because I seem to have not gotten this right yet. But I keep
And I agree with Omar on the cardiologists. That's why I don't interpret EKGs beyond being
able to see the "tombstone" ST segments and why I gave up trying to interpret heart sounds.
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Sean Beardmore: @Omar, @ Doug C @ Doug P, @Sean L this conversation is
awesome information for me and listening to you guys makes every bit of sense.
Yes, last year, I invested in a mentor, Alex Jeffreys, who I have met now on a couple of
occasions, and he really has helped move me along from being the serial wannabe online
marketer who just kept on buying products for the next big thing, and as AJ taught and it hit
be like a brick, stopped chasing money, no direction, no goal, listening to too many people of
what I should be doing...........exactly what Sean said above. Which route do you take and
there are many different ways to make money online. All of the aspects of business building I
put into my every day job but didn't apply to getting an online business going and kept
searching for the next best thing because of limited time I yes, everyone is
searching for the push button solution, not willing to spend any money, or work for it,
something I realized was not out there, you have to plan, have goals, and work that
plan....something I still struggle with occasionally and staying focused on, but will not give up.
@ Omar and all, yes you are right, I am asking for help indirectly :) but the information you
have all provided in this thread is thought provoking and makes sense..........a great product
idea......a conversation with :) .....Anyway, the stupid thing is, I know what has to be done and
to a certain level but have a really bad habit of going from one thing to the next and not
sticking to the plan, all of which I have been taught by AJ not to do lol! Your analogy of
building a list of freebie seekers vs a list of buyers is so so true, but again Doug's comments
on how we look after that list for future profit also make perfect sense. Therefore I have
started a new product(taken a week off of work to get it done) that will build a list of buyers. I
find with the adswaps/JV Giveaways can build you a list and does build you a list. You see
others with huge lists of 20k plus...... but how much of that list is buyers? I hear of people who
have a list of 1,000 and make good money. I will keep on with the JV Giveaways and
Adswaps, but when my product is ready, I will build a list of buyers.
I have had my fingers burnt with PPC, but tried that myself and not outsourced it, so will look
at that as an option. I will look at as many free traffic sources as possible. My main focus is to
get this product finished and out there.
All I can say is, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject and @Liz for starting the
thread., I know you do not know me personally , but thanks , great information that will help
me no end. Keep it coming.......:)
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Be great to catch up with you all once I get to an event/workshop over the pond.
Take care
Sean Beardmore
Sean Lombardo: I concur Sean, this is a great thread and I want to thank all of the
contributors as well for their great advice. And I have to say Sean, that as I read over your last
post I swear it could have been written by me. We seem to have been experiencing the same
growing pains.
While I have not invested in a mentor as you have with Alex, I have been following Liz
for a while and purchased a couple of her courses. So even though it's not a true
mentorship, she still provides a ton of information in her courses. I just need to keep
reminding myself to focus on one thing at a time, go back through her material and reread it,
watch the videos again, and stick to that plan.
The analogy you stated about being able to do your job like it's a business is applicable to me
as well. I can focus on my job and work at it like there's no tomorrow. But when it comes to
working on my own business, for some reason I can get side tracked at the drop of a hat with
all of the information that gets thrown at you. I honestly have never had such a hard time
focusing on one thing to completion and it's something I struggle with daily - as it seems you
still do as well :-) It's almost like I'm an addict - if I work on one thing for too long I start to
jones for new information and get my next IM product fix.
Like Sean stated, please keep the information and dialog coming. It is really helpful.
Doug Powell: Wow. Buzz in it's infancy, is so much better than other the rest of the
social media sites.
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Brian Lyssy: You guys are just kicking ass with the ideas. That is awesome!
Omar Martin: @ Sean B. - good for you! I'm glad you are following a mentor... and by the
way I love AJ - he is a good friend and will never steer you wrong! You are in GOOD hands
Look - I am all for helping out the new guy, and everyone on this thread appear to
sincere good hearted marketers willing to help our community.. there for, here is what I
<START COOL IDEA> I will hold a 1 hour closed webinar for ONLY the participants of this
buzz thread. In that 1 hour webinar I will show you EXACTLY how to use this very thread to
build yourself a targeted list of buyers and make some quick cash in the process without
spending a penny. </END COOL IDEA>
If everyone agrees, I will set this call up for sometime tomorrow and you can do with the
information what you like. (Hopefully you'll do what I show you)
Cool thing is - once you see the process you can repeat it over and over again.
I'll invest 1 hour of my time for free and give you... (the participants of this thread)
Brian Lyssy, Doug Powell, Sean Lombardo, Sean Beardmore, Gene Ilten, Doug Champigny,
Jeff Wellman, & Liz Tomey ... full rights to the recording.
Let me know if this is cool.
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Steven Vargas: I would be interested in something like that, Omar. I just started
reading you guys yesterday from following Liz's comments in Filsaime's buzz...
Omar Martin: Steven - you're in.
If everyone is cool with the idea I'll do the call.
Brian Lyssy: Omar - If you were in Breckenridge right now I'd buy you a beer. That is
awesome. I would love to hook up. What time?
Sean Beardmore: Hi Omar, This is fantastic, thank you so much, I'll be free tomorrow,
so whatever time is convenient to you, I'll be there. looking forward to it :)
Steven Vargas: Only thing is, I work during the day tomorrow, so I can only make it
during the evening. No need to change everyone else's schedule around, but if it
happens at night, I'll be there.
Andy Beard: Don't mind me, I have just been following along from Mike's thread and I
either need to comment or like to have a permanent copy of this in my Buzz history.
I spent some time with Alex at a Rich Schefren event almost 3 years ago - he was
highly motivated to success.
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One benefit of the giveaway route is branding among other giveaway participants and their
lists which helps with JV relationships and eventually sales from the segment of the lists that
do pull themselves up.
People who have full time jobs instead of investing the money in products, should hire
someone on odesk to do 20 hours for $5/hr every month
They are going to keep on asking you for what to do next, and it makes it more into a "job"
environment as there might be some level of accountability in both directions.
Gene Ilten: @Omar, sounds good to me if I can't make it live, then the recording
would be great. Thanks for doing this.
@Sean, Have I seen you in AJ's forum?
Sean Beardmore: Hey Gene, not been in for a while but yes , seen you there, sure
you commented on my blog :) Sean
Jeff Wellman: Got Church tomorrow so depending on what time.. But interested in
what ya got.
Sean Lombardo: Wow Omar, that is an extremely generous offer and much
appreciated. Not sure what every one else's schedules are like but I am free until 4pm
EST tomorrow, then again from around 9pm EST on.
Steven Vargas: Good energy here. Glad I jumped in.
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Omar Martin: Ok - here you go...
PRIVATE "Buzzinar" on Thursday at 3:00PM Est.
"The right way to grow a list of buyers and make some money in the process."
This Webinar has ended
Yes it will be recorded. So if you miss it just hit me up later.
Sean Beardmore: Thats great Omar, reasonable time for me here in the
UK.......:Looking forward to it-)
James Howard: Wow, fantastic thread.
Thanks Sean B for pointing me here.
Just wanted to say the process might be simple, as in.
1. Create killer offer
2. Build squeeze page to give killer offer from and collect leads
3. Get traffic
But you give that simple process to a newbie then you get..
What is a killer offer?
How do I build a squeeze page to collect leads?
How to I even start to get traffic?
What is simple to those who have been there and done it is not always as easy as it seems.
Even if they get an offer and a squeeze page then it's a case of information overload for the
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traffic methods. With so many different methods already mentioned in this thread alone
someone could get confused.
I, like Sean Beardmore am lucky enough to have Alex Jeffreys as a mentor but up until that
time I had been trying to make money online for 4 years.
That's just it though, most people think it is about making money and do not think that it is
really about creating a business.
So maybe the first step should should not be create a killer offer but instead it should be
instilled before anything else to stop looking at the short term and build your business base,
then create an offer.
Thanks for the information,
James Howard
Brian Lyssy: I will make every effort to be there.
Sean Beardmore: Hi All, Just want to say this thread has provided so much valuable
information, its untrue and a big thank you to Omar for taking time out to hold the
exclusive Buzzinar,and I am so looking forward to being able to share with everyone
that will undoubtedly benefit from. See you in Bristol Omar and look forward to
receiving all of the information :) (can you email it through?) Thanks again
James Howard: I just came so say thank you Omar, fantastic information.
Well thanks to everyone who had an input on this thread actually. It has led to some
great information that if used correctly will go a long way.
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Jeff Wellman: Hey Omar sorry your 3pm didn't work for me. I am sure you did a great
job though. Hope others were able to attend.
Steven Vargas: Just got back from the day job... How did everything go?
Omar Martin: Hey guys - thank you all for attending what I believe is the first
"Buzzinar" in history. lol
Please email me at: [email protected] so I can reply with the link to the
recording and the resources that I promised you on the call.
Talk soon.
Jeff Wellman: Hey Omar I know how this works. Sorry Omar I couldnt make it. Please
send me the replay so that I can have it setting around and never watch. Sad but
true... this is how it usually works.. Thanks again Omar for doing this.
Sean Lombardo: I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Omar
for holding the webinar today. Great information from a great guy. Thanks a bunch
Omar, I hope to continue learning from you.
Brian Lyssy: Omar - Great webinar today. I was only able to get on for a bit but you
were just dishing out the dirt and that is awesome. I will send you an email so I can get
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the recording. I would love to see you at Matt Bacak's show next month. Let's hook up so I
can buy you that beer.
Steven Vargas: Ok, I'm going to lean on you guys here... So who would like to take
the time to learn my story and where I'm at in IM and perhaps slap me in the face until
I wake up and use the skills, knowledge, and tools I already have already acquired?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...?
Jeff Wellman: Pour it on Steven
Steven Vargas: What? Here all public-like...?
Jeff Wellman: LOL! @ Steven. You will be fine. But you have my contact so anytime
you want to start singing go ahead :)
Gene Ilten: Hey Steven, Jeff W. and Liz will be more that happy to do that. They've
already done that to me...several times...Remember my post above? They are the
mentors who I have frustrated. But I'm still trying (just ask them, I'm very trying).
Doug Powell: @Omar killer idea for a Buzzinar. Sent you a pm for the link. Sorry I
missed it, spent some amazing time with the family this weekend though.
Mix a 20 mile bike ride with 220 golf balls some Wii boxing, intense Wii Bowling, church,
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naps, 1 wife, 4 kids and homework, you have a full weekend.
Jeff Wellman: Liz and I are planning a vacation together just to recover from Gene
LOL! Kidding Gene... Well sort of LOL!
Jeff Wellman: Omar... You did a great webinar. I just listened to your recording and I
will say excellent job. The system he is teaching works. Lots of variations to that
system but it is perfect to get started with.
I agree. Find someone that you feel you can follow and trust. Follow the system they use and
quit all of the experimenting with everything else that comes along during this process.
Get something set up. get it working and then worry about adding to the process. Your just
going to get yourself confused and wanting to quit by doing it any other way.
Good example of what listening to to many Chiefs will do to you is to read Sean's Pro and
Con Post above.
Not saying you have to follow exactly what Omar taught. but I will tell you he did a great job
and it works very well.
Great Job Omar...
Steven Vargas: Alright then... I'm sending an email or biblical proportions, Jeff. And I
will check out the buzzinar tonight, Omar. Sounds like you do good work...
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Gene Ilten: Gee Jeff <sniff> SORT of LOL? gee I think I'll go spend some time in The
Pit Of Despair...(Oops, sorry, that's a different post)
Jeff Wellman: LOL! Gene..
Jeff Wellman: Still waiting for my email that Bares your soul Steven :)
Liz Tomey: Whoa... Amazing thread. Tons of incredible information out there. I need
to send this thread to my list. :)
Liz Tomey: Okay, I gotta jump back in here. I've been coaching people for almost 5
years now. My coaching consists of a top level subject like... Creating A Squeeze
Page For Affiliate Marketers... I have tons of these courses, but just as an example,
lets go with that...
I then take and break down each step via video tutorials. I give resource documents, mind
maps, you name it. Also people get daily access to me via a PMB that's just me and them,
AND they get access to me on a weekly webinar.
So... I tell them what to do, I show them exactly what to do, I give them the exact resources
that I use and you know what... 95% of them don't even do what's taught in the coaching to
even ask questions via their PMB or on weekly live webinars.
@Doug, I'd love to know what you do to motivate people...
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Steven Vargas: oh, god, Jeff, you'll never believe what happened yesterday. Scratch
that. You'll easily believe it. It follows the theme I'm ABOUT to write to you. Let's see
this happen.
Jeff Wellman: Liz what I have been finding that is working for me to generate some
excitement and a little bit more success is to offer a Challenge. Kind of like a
homework assignment but I give them an incentive to actually take up the challenge
nad make it work.
As an example: A couple weeks ago I was teaching how to take a cheep cheezy PLR ebook
and create a high end training course out of it. I showed how to do the research and all.
Next I gave them access to the ebook I used and challenged them to create a trainig course.
The ebook very vaugley covered 4 quick cash methods.
The challenge was to create 4 powerpoints one for each of the methods in the ebook that
could be used as training on a webinar and be recorded as a product..
Then I gave them an incentive to do the challenge. We were going to choose the best
powerpoint training that comes in and actually help them get it recorded and then help them
market the product they create to help them finally get results. It is going over very well and a
much higher rate of people actually trying to do exaclty what we were teaching.
Those that dont win will be able to set up a squeeze page and will have an offer to give away
or to use to monitize after they get an opt in. Of course that was the previous weeks training.
I have to admit that there is still an amzing amount who just still walk away from the training
and will just show up to the next training without giving any though about actually doing
anything that was taught.
What we are doing though over our 8 week free training course (monitized of course) has
jumped our webinar attendance from around 250 signups to over 600 signups and from150
actually attending to almost 400 attending consistently
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Jeff Wellman: looking forward to reading this Steven :)
Gene Ilten: Yep Mr. Wellman got me into the challenge. I almost have my first subject
finished. 3 to go. Hope i can get done before the deadline. If not this has WSO with
PLR rights written all over it.
See, Jeff and Liz, You do have me thinking.
Steven Vargas: May I present this email with a bag of popcorn and 30 minutes to
spare. Just remember, you asked for it.... ;) Actually, I pared it down, so it's not so bad!
Keep in touch, and great thread Liz! You'll see my face around here and I'll share what
I know, too, once I know it. Heh...
Jeff Wellman: Got it steven.. i really thought we had a lot in common until I found out
you were kidding about being raised by the stray cow ... I grew up on a dairy farm :) it
may take me a few hours to get through your novel but I shall conquer!
Steven Vargas: ha! Who knew? I mean, who moooooo?
Gene Ilten: Hey Omar, just finished the buzzinar. Great info. And I am going to take
your advice. I am working on a few things so am going to keep your stuff stored for
later, but I got some great stuff out of the class. I think the biggest take-away for me is
I need to stop thinking like a customer and more like a business person. I have
hesitated doing a lot of stuff because I found it annoying. I wanted to make friends
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(Succeeded with Jeff and Liz, I think they took pity on me.) So I need to find the balance
between wanting to be a positive influence And make money at the same time.
Thanks again.
Sean Beardmore: Hey Liz and Jeff.............. just read your comments about getting
your students motivated to do something instead of fallng back into the trap of being in
the 95% group!
I would say the first reason that they may not do anything is because they dont have a reason
why in the first place, well the reason may be to make money, but that is it...they have no
other motive and thats where it stops, there reason why isn't big enough plus they think they
won't have to do too much to get it. I have a strong enough reason why and that is why I stay
focused and motivated, despite complicating things too mch at times! lol
I like what Jeff has done with the PLR product, great idea, love that!
As Gene will testify, on AJ's coaching, he too ran an incentive to get you to do something, and
I remember being completely out of my comfort zone when asked to do a
that video is on my you tube channel and I am so proud of that , I want to and I am doing
more videos.
This is an awesome thread, love the information being bounced around.
Jeff Wellman: Sean. What I have found is that you have to have something in place
to help the student get some kind of result as fast as possible. Does not have to be
something huge... it just has to be a measurable result. Then you build from there.
But on the other hand I set up a program due to our students request that provided methods
they could use quickly to get some results and then we were going to move them into the
setting up to make a good sustainable income.
What we found were 8 out of 10 were not happy. They wanted the whole package now.. they
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didn't want to do any of the methods we were teaching that would have gotten them some
cash coming in right away.
So they come in saying they want one thing but quickly changed their mind when they found
out it was going to require things they didn't want to do. Not that it was something hard.. just
that they didn't feel it was something they wanted to do because it required an effort.
Well I know everything we teach pretty much requires effort to make work. But I gave them
what they wanted knowing that they were not going to be ready because they want results
right now and are not willing to go through the preparation phases.
Like Benjamin Franklin said.. " Failure to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail!"
Your different. Your willing to put in the effort and your seeing results... So will anyone else
that is willing to put in the necessary efforts.
But most ( NOT ALL) will just tell us they have to get results right now because they are ready
to loose everything... But they fight every step you take them through and tell you they don't
understand how they will get that done. Then they will ask if there is a way they can outsource
the step. and usually that comes right after you taught them all about outsourcing.
I was faced with the same situation. I was ready to loose everything I had. I had two choices. I
could tell Keith I couldn't do what he was asking and went and looked for a new job, or I could
listen to him and do everything he was telling me to do to the best of my ability.
Keith didn't give me some free ride. he expected me to do what he asked me to do.. (DANG
KID ANYWAYS) I guess I did the same thing for him when he was growing up so fair is fair!
He told me plenty of times if I was going to keep saying' I can't then I should just go back to
the house and visit my daughter n law or get on the plane and head back home and look for a
new job! (who did he think he was talking to anyways LOL)
We all have different circumstances in our life that can easily control our results. But we also
have the choice as to how we re-act to the circumstances.
I said all of this to say, "way to go Sean," and we are proud of you as well!
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Jeff Wellman: I am glad that Keith was my teacher and not Liz... I hear she is like a
Red Headed piranha and eats her students for lunch if they don't perform up to her
standards LOL!
Sean Beardmore: That makes perfect sense Jeff and describes me when I got
started too, wanting the results as soon as possible, sit back and watch the money roll
in :) Until I realised the necessity of a plan and sticking to it, I was going to keep on
making the same mistakes.........Its great how you listen to your students too and
identify the issues they have or solutions they seek, it can only make your coaching even
better.............BTW, I dont believe Liz is that Bad, surely? Lol !
Jeff Wellman: You may not believe she is that bad but I see you ended it with a
question mark... So I left doubt in your mind LOL!
Don't tell anyone... but Liz is really amazing.... She has always been there for me from
the beginning.
Sean Lombardo: Hey Jeff,I'm actually a product of Liz's training and I lived to tell
about it! Despite the rumors that Jeff Dedrick might say, you are right, she is a great
teacher. For anyone looking for some good step-by-step training, Liz's courses will
definitely fill the bill. Just to give you an idea of what you can learn, the last course of
hers that I purchased we covered turning a PLR product into an MRR product. And we went
over everything from finding products, to then recreating them, ordering graphics, building
your mini-site and all its pages, creating an affiliate tools page, setting up a clickbank account,
driving traffic, and partnering. And that was just Module 1 of 3. And when I say step-by-step I
mean it. Liz created videos where you watch her literally doing everything above from
beginning to end. Assuming her current courses are like this then they would be a no
brainer.However, I'm embarrassed to say that after all of Liz's training I finally got my site up
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and running and then fell into the problem we've been discussing here. For me it's been
driving traffic. Trying to piece together a workable traffic driving plan from several different
resources and ending up on the losing end. I just need to stop listening to so many different
people, go back to the basics, pick a couple methods to start with and go from there. I really
wish I could've been a part of your online training since the beginning Jeff, it sounds like a
tremendous value. Your method for turning a PLR product into a video really peaked my
interest. I hope to be able to make the call with you tonight for the affiliate training.
Sean Beardmore: No doubt in my mind :) I'm sure and have heard just the same
about Liz.............its all good! Sean has just affirmed that
Jeff Dedrick: As much as I hate to admit it...Liz is a great teacher. We did a 3 day
bootcamp together in Chicago a few months back where it was just the 2 of us
teaching the entire time. At the end of the day she would sit and talk one on one with
people and answer all questions. I would be up answering questions in the bar :)
Omar Martin: Liz Tomey is awesome, I'm a big fan. Jeff Dedrick --- eh... not so much.
Jeff Wellman: WOW! so many Seans LOL! Well I have to admit that I am a big fan of
Liz and Jeff Dedrick... They actually make a very good team. Not sure about their
teaching together but you know your in for a memorable experience. Ok their training
is high quality as well.
Omar kind of grows on you after a while as well. :)
Liz Tomey: Awww... You guys rock. Thanks for the compliments. I really appreciate it.
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Steven Vargas: Are people here in chicago? Dat's where I am! So I know it's only
been 24 hours, but what did you think about my email, Jeff...?
Jeff Wellman: Steven, What email???? I did read the novel you sent LOL! Biggest response
I would have is to many missed opportunities already for you. You pretty much summed it up
with follow thru being most important thing for you right now. I have not had time to respond
yet today as I have been dealing with a hotel all day today making sure everything is
all set for the Gateway To Wealth Seminar being held in Chicago next month.
I am not in Chicago. I am in Michigan about 4 hours north of Chicago. But I will be in
Chicago in April 16-18th.
Going to be there?
Steven Vargas: Very well done. I believe I will attend. A few things on that. I am a
video guy here in Chicago. I know you are recording the event in its entirety, but can I
bring my own equipment and shoot interviews of people attending the event and
possibly even with the speakers? I can share the media if it helps you for your final
product. Secondly, I also work at the Trump Hotel, so if one of your speakers wants to stay
there, I can see if I can talk to our salespeople to see about some arrangement being made.
Not pretending to be a big shot, I just work in the restaurant there...
Pierce and Walsh I've seen in person literally a few feet in front of me. Leung I've only read
about. The chance to meet other like-minded individuals in the chicago area is very attractive
to me, as well. Count me in, and please ask for my help in any way. I mean that. Even if it is
something you think I might not want to do.
I will be learning more about you and Liz and everyone else here in this thread. Expect emails
from me talking about random stuff. I don't want to populate buzz threads with extra clutter
and you were the unlucky one who asked me to contact you. muahaha!!!!
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You had a free video series or something, right? I'll look into that, too. Along with Kern's stuff.
Thanks for reaching out.
by the way, that video seemed like it was talking directly to me about exactly what I've been
going through... eerie... Are you in my head...?
Gene Ilten: Yes Liz is a great teacher, hands down. She is also very patient (despite
being a Redhead). She hasn't given up on me yet. Although I am still picking splinters
out of my head from the times she has had to hit me with a 2X4, it has always been
done with my best interest in her heart. She has recently honored me (who is a nobody) by
asking me to do a JV with her. I am truly humbled.
Jeff Wellman has also been a great inspiration and uses the same 2X4 Liz uses. Jeff has
helped me with questions that go beyond IM.
I have seen both sides of IM "Gurus." I have spent an embarrassing amount on coaching. I
have worked with some who drop you after the coaching, with a "Thanks good luck, you're on
your own." and that's it. Not so with Liz and Jeff. Even though they have seen me fall flat on
my face they still see something in me that I have difficulty seeing myself; that I can figure this
out and eventually succeed.
Steven V. I think we need to connect. From what I have been piecing together, it sounds like
our stories may be similar. If nothing else we share an interest in "The Princess Bride."
Any way, I have rambled enough. I just got home from work so I need to take my nap so I can
think & see straight.
Be checking in later.
Steven Vargas: For sure, Gene. and thanks for the 2 x 4 warnings.
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Doug Powell: so the answer to the motivation question is to hit students in the head
with a 2x4. Do you do it yourself or mail it to the student and ask them to hit
Gene Ilten: Come on Doug, this is the Internet age. She reaches through my
computer and whacks me.
Brian Lyssy: All I can say is that you do not cross the redhead. She will pounce and
you will feel it. Isn't that right...Jeff?
Jeff Wellman: HA HA Brian must be talking about Jeff Dedrick LOL Liz loves me LOL!
Well at least she did until this thread LOL!
Nicole Dean: If I could bottle that hunger that we have, with the perseverance to get
up when we fall down, and the drive to push through the roadblocks when we run into
them -- I'd force feed it to all of my coaching clients.
I always say the biggest learning curve for me over the past few years wasn't the marketing, it
was changing my mindset. That was the hard part.
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Gene Ilten: Nichole, I still struggle with my mindset. (I have a mind??? Thought I had
lost it) just ask Liz and Jeff.
Nicole Dean: Gene My foot. Your ass. :) Get it done. It's soooo worth it!
Here's a fun little audio I recorded one day after a bike ride (when my pedal fell off) that you
may enjoy. Keep your hand near your speakers for when I start losing it laughing. It gets a
little loud. oops! (Play button is right before the comments.)
((hugs)) N
Gene Ilten: @Nichole Thanks. I think Jeff and Liz have outsourced the 2X4! I am
working on the obstacles (me being the biggest). And I liked the podcast. I haven't
given up, in fact my accountant said I am a lot more persistent that he ever would
have been.
BTW the My foot. Your Ass. reminds me of one of my favorite comedy routines by Cheech
and Chong (you are probably too young to know them) called "Earache, my Eye." I tried to
find a recording of it but all I could find was the music that starts it.
Thanks again.
Steven Vargas: ok, so mindset is of great importance, but to pick someone to learn
from is what's holding me up right now... I wish I could have help figuring out who I am
in this IM world.
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Liz Tomey: Steven, give me $50K come spend a week with me, and I'll tell you who
you are. lol Just kidding my man... You just gotta find who you're comfortable with, and
ONLY listen to them. No one else...
You'll also find as you "mature" that you will also leave one person for another. Like me... I
mainly help newbs... A lot of them out grow me because I don't focus on advanced
Keep that in mind too... :)
For right now, find someone to listen to, listen to them, and you will figure out what you want
to do. :)
Nicole Dean: Too funny, Liz. I recently decided to focus on coaching intermediate and
advanced marketers, so I have a feeling that we'll be referral buddies in the near
future. :)
Brian Lyssy: can I join?
Steven Vargas: ok, well, I'm not sure if I am a newbie or intermediate. Definitely not
And Liz, I can find you a fifty dollar "k" if that's all you charge. I saw someone selling
letters on sesame street...
Honestly, I really enjoyed Omar Martin's buzzinar, but I haven't called him yet because I'm
pretty sure I can't afford him right now. Liz, where can you direct me so I can learn about what
37 Of 39
you are offering?
Gene Ilten: @Steven V. Stay with it. I am still not sure where I am. I think I have found
something I am comfortable with, but I am waiting for my JV partner (hint, hint) to get
ready. I actually still consider myself a newbie and I have been poking around this for
5 years.
So I still plug along. I have learned to stop comparing myself to others and if I get one thing
done, it's more than I did before.
I work in an emotionally draining job and many days my eyes cross when I get home. So I
work in spurts. Probably not the best way, but I try to make use of the productive times when I
get them. I'm no spring chicken, so I do what I can. I don't know if I'm destined to be a "guru"
(don't like that word anyway). I see myself as an in the background behind the scenes person.
I spent the first part of this year in "The Pit of Despair." But with God's help and Jeff Wellman's
encouragement in the form of the old 2X4 I am back at it.
So I said all of that to just tell you to keep at it and we will arrive someday.
BTW, I think I saw some "ks" over at eBay.
Steven Vargas: @Gene thanks for the kind words, Gene. I think I might find my
answers at the gateway thing in April.
Gene Ilten: WIsh I could be there. I have a commitment that weekend with my church
that weekend, and my CFO will need to se some real growth (and less debt) before
she will approve going to an event. It would be good though. You can see Jeff D and
Liz Tomey fight in person. It's quite entertaining.
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