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Retaining Talent
Tim Hays
About Lextron
Pharmaceutical Distribution (Animal Health)
Employees: 600
Locations: 45
Sales: $500 million
IT staff: 12
Software: custom development
Finding local talent to replace specialized skill has been
It takes awhile to ramp up a new person due to the
specialization in our environment
Maintaining a blend of old and cutting edge
Retention Ideas
Fire fast
Environmentals: temp, touch, time
Percentile pay evaluation
Business meetings, talk about the business not IT
Avoid company politics
Celebrate often and buy lunch
Remaining Relevant
New technology, new skills, personal development
Empowering the employee, project management
Creative financing
Flexible work arrangement
Work Flexibility
Flexible start/stop times, 12 hour coverage
2-days per month work from home
½ day off on Friday
Mon and Fri work from home
Transition from full-time to part-time, work from home
Making Flexibility Work
This option can be taken away
This is not a defined benefit
Employee writes the rules
You will be measured
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