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Gourmet On Call
About Our Company
• Gourmet meals prepared for you
• At your home
• In our store
• Ready for you to
• Serve
• Heat
• Freeze
• Select from a variety of menus
• Vegetarian and vegan options available
Our Team
• Michaela D’Agostino, CEO and Head Chef
• Brian Porter, CFO
• Susan Tang, Sous Chef
• Dinner by Diana
• All meals prepared by Diana Morales, owner
• Meals are prepared in home—no in-store option
• Delicious food, but expensively priced
• Delectable Dinners
Assembly line preparation by employees or customers
All meals prepared in store
Healthy meals, but somewhat bland
Competitive pricing
• Home Cooked Meals—Delivered!
• Team of chefs prepare meals
• All meals prepared in store
• No fresh option; meals are delivered frozen
• Less expensive than eating out
• Meals always waiting for you in your freezer
• Delicious, healthy meals prepared for you
5-Year Goals
• Increase meal selection by 30%
• All-organic options
• Gluten-free options
• Increase client list by 35%
• Open second store
Contact Us
• Web site:
• Phone:
• Address: 101 West Bayside Ave.
Savannah, GA 31401
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