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Completing the Programme
Evaluation Document (PED)
Using the Academic Quality
Assurance System (AQAS)
An overview
• Programmes have already been
gathered into clusters, approved
by Academic Quality (clusters
cannot be changed for the
2012/13 review cycle)
• The new APM template, the
Programme Evaluation Document
(PED) can be accessed directly
from AQAS
• Cluster leaders (allocated by
Faculties) are responsible for
completing the PED
• AQAS enables electronic access
to all the programmes/module
reviews for a cluster
• AQAS links directly to cluster level
statistics and allows drilling down
to programme statistics
• You can also save supporting
documentation e.g. programme
management committee minutes
• Faculties will make local
arrangements for PED approval
before it is reviewed by the
Faculty Review and Approvals Sub
Committee (FRASC)
• If you find errors contact your
Quality Support Manager (QSM)
• Faculty Directors for Reviews and
Approvals will also provide
The Role of the Cluster Leader
• The Cluster Leader will be
responsible for uploading
the completed PED to
• A Cluster Leader is a role
allocated for the purposes
of APM. In some Faculties it
may be a Programme
Leader but this will not
always be the case
• Given that a number of
programmes are usually
included in one cluster, the
Cluster Leader will need to
determine a process that
will enable the collection of
relevant information from
each programme.
• Where a cluster includes
collaborative provision, the
Cluster Leader must ensure
that the partner has been
involved in completion of
the PED.
The Programme Evaluation Document
The PED:
• marries QAA requirements
with institutional strategic
• embeds an action planning
• anticipates reflection on
and critical evaluation of
• expects that significant
events are selected for
comment and action
• expects commentary on
collaborative activity in each
section (where it is part of a
• anticipates referencing to
module reviews (no cutting
and pasting)
• the PED template can be
accessed from AQAS or the
internal review web page
• More detail about PED
completion can be found in
the Review Handbook
Accessing AQAS
Go to
You will then be presented with a home page
Then navigate to cluster evaluation page
Use the drop down boxes to assist you to
select your cluster
• Use your name to find your own cluster
• Further information can be found here:
Internal Review
The process for PED completion
summed up in a diagram
So once you have found your
programme cluster…..
• AQAS enables you to indicate
that PED completion is in
• To upload your review use the
browse button, select the file
and press upload to submit for
• When you have finished your
PED go back to the PED status
box and click on ‘Submit (as
• Very rarely you may need to
submit ‘not required’
Additional information
The page enables you to view:
• All programmes in the cluster
• All the relevant modules as
delivered within programmes
• These can be ordered by
module level, title, code and
module leader
Don’t forget you can access
cluster and programme level
statistics from here.
What happens now I have completed
my PED
• It now needs to be ‘approved’ before it goes to
• The process of approval is being organised locally
at Faculty level
• Contact your Quality Support Manager/ Director
of Review and Approval for further guidance if
you want to know who your ‘approver’ is
• Approval is recorded on AQAS as indicated on the
following slide
The process of PED approval summed
up in a diagram
And finally……
• To enable institutional oversight of the APM
process FRASC will provide an annual report
on PEDs to the Review Sub-committee using
the reporting template provided in the Review
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