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Your New Digital Receptionist
The New Front Desk
LobbyConnect is a digital receptionist that
greets visitors and allows them to check-in
when visiting your office.
Collect Basic Visitor Information From
Each Guest
Choose What Information is Collected
Guests Specify Which Employee They
are There to Visit
Customize the Experience for Specific
Types of Visitors
Employee Notifications
LobbyConnect Notifies Employees via Text or
Email When Their Guests Have Arrived.
Opens an Anonymous Two Way Channel
Between Employees and Their Guests for
Further Communication.
Agreements & Contracts
LobbyConnect Can Prompt Visitors to Sign an
Agreement When Checking In
Release Forms
Visitor Badge Printing
LobbyConnect Can Automatically Print a
Guest Badge When Visitors Check-in
Badges Can be Customized to Show the
Information That is Important as Well as
to Match Your Brand
Simple Cloud Management
Each LobbyConnect Display Can
Be Setup and Managed From a
Cloud-based Dashboard
Use the Dashboard to View and
Export Visitor Logs
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