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Framing mistakes hurt your bottom line.
So do “red tags”, delays, waste, and roof, floor or
wall framing that doesn’t match the plans.
They cost you:
• Increased Material Costs
• Unnecessary Labor Time
• Delays
• Jobsite Waste Costs
There is a solution:
What is Buildability?
It’s what is built into well-designed structures:
Predictable Costs
Faster Construction
Structural Integrity
Code Compliance
Less Waste
What is Buildability?
And when done it’s right:
“Buildability means that you can actually
build the home you just sold.”
Buildability: How Do We Achieve It?
SAPPHIRE™ Technology
Early Collaboration
Pre-Fabricated Components
SAPPHIRE™ Technology
We use MiTek SAPPHIRE™ Software
True 3D Structural BIM (Building Information Model)
Each element is modeled, including connections
Our designers accounts for all design loads and framing
We eliminate interferences and design for efficient solutions.
If it works in SAPPHIRE, it works on site!
We can design and produce trusses,
walls, and floor systems with precision
and efficiency – and make structural
options easier to select.
Using SAPPHIRE™ Viewer:
• FREE 3-D Software for the builder and
• Shows your entire structure in full 3-D on
your desktop, iPad, or Windows tablet.
• Allows efficient review, approval, decisionmaking, on-site clarity and verification.
• EARLY collaboration (before the home
contract) maximizes builder benefits.
Pre-Fabricated Components: Benefits
SBCA study (2100 Sq. ft. side-by-side framing) found:
The use of trusses and wall panels resulted in
– 250 less man-hours onsite,
– 13 cubic yards less scrap
– For a total savings of $3,356 vs. Stick Framing
That’s $3,356 straight to the bottom line.
-SBCA Framing the American Dream Study
Let’s Get Started
• Select plan for a home design that is in-progress
• We’ll create the SAPPHIRE Model and review options
with you.
• We’ll work together with you to lock in the best
framing package options, along with your costs.
During estimating and construction we’ll review the
framing details with your framer to ensure clarity and
correct installation the first time.
Thank You!
We’re ready when you are.
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