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What We Learned From a Lightning
• Unified- Provides 911 and Dispatch services for all disciplines in
all municipalities within Anderson County
• Answers over 500,000 telephone calls annually
• Serves as the Anderson County “Warning Point” for the Oconee
Fixed Nuclear Facility
• Serves just under 200,000 residents and roughly 780 sq miles
• Mutual-aid partner with Clemson University Fire and Police
• 4 JUL 2011
• A single short lived thunderstorm cell produced ground to cloud lightning
that hit two blocks from the 911 Center
• The lightning produced transient voltage that caused catastrophic damage
to both the 911 Phone and Switch system and the Radio Console systems
• 911 Calls were routed to an alternate 911 PSAP immediately
• On duty dispatchers initiated the Disaster Recovery Plan and moved to
the alternate facility
• Within 15 minutes, on-duty dispatchers were operating at the alternate
location and remained there for five days
• You must have a Plan!
• Determine the absolute minimum number of required circuits, channels,
operator positions needed to maintain 911/Dispatch service
• Find an alternate location capable of providing the above• Other government facilities
• Fire Stations
• EMS Stations
• Work with external customers on plans
• Involve customers on alternate dispatch plans along with any reduced
• What telephone resources will you need?
• PRI/T1
• What radio dispatch radio functions will you need?
• Can you utilize desktop control stations?
• Portable radios? What about batteries and chargers?
• How will you notify fire and EMS stations?
• Get to know your neighboring agencies today
• Execute MOU’s for NCIC and other required information sharing
• Site Security Profiles as needed
Captain Matthew Littleton
Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
[email protected]
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