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Welcome fellow pirates! Arrr…ye up for the challenge? Now that you
have gathered your crew it's time to sail! As a pirate we want you to
play hard through this game but before you do we have a few items of
pirate code we want you to abide by.
Pirate Scavenger Hunt Rules:
1. Two hours have been allotted for game play.
2. Your team will lose five points for each minute that you are late.
3. As a group, points must be validated, so get photo, video, or physical proof, that a
task was completed within the game guidelines or risk losing points.
4. All members of your crew must remain in the clothes (costumes) they are
currently wearing unless otherwise noted.
5. You cannot actually tell people you are on a scavenger hunt. You may tell people
you are hunting for treasure.
6. Get a pirate tattoo.
7. Give Pirate names to every member of your crew, and only go by them for the
entire hunt.
8. Do the ENTIRE hunt in Pirate accents.
9. Leave one member of yer crew somewhere! You can't go back and get em' till
you've completed a task without them!
10. Draw a pirate flag, and make sure it ends up in every photo or video, of your
completed tasks.
11. You cannot complete any of these tasks before you leave the Port! (room)
Have a Grand Adventure Mateys!
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