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The Communication in CLAL
The Website
Analysis of the
entire dairy chain
Tables, comparaison
graphs, articles,
glossaries, videoclips
The Website
Clal offers a wide range of services in the field of national and international
dairy market
Tool of communication is the website ( with the aim to publish
value added analysis for the entire dairy market chain
 The site has been designed starting from an historical data base ,
created by Angelo Rossi, professional in this field since many years .
The website represents tables, comparison graphs, fact sheets on the
main dairy products. It has been enriched with articles, monographs,
glossaries, news from the dairy sector and interviews with videoclips.
The Website
 Data are continually improved with input of qualified sources. The data are
regularly updated and promptly delivered to the user
to make sector Operators develop a global and real-time view of national
and international markets trend and
to strengthen operators’ capabilities to forecast and to make focused
The Subject Area
The Website is organized into 3 main subject areas
The geographical
 The geographical
context: World, UE
and Italy with regard
to GDPs, the trend of
exchange rates,
currencies swinging
of oil price.....
The dairy market trend
in Italy and abroad
 The dairy market
trend in Italy and
abroad with regard to
milk, cheese, butter,
powders, feed
The statistical
 Statistical database
for the most
significant dairy
commodities (with
regard to
of production, stock,
import, export,
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