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The Artwork of
Paul Klee
(Born 1879 – Died 1940)
Paul Klee
• Paul Klee was a
Swiss-German artist
known for the fine
lines and playful
geometry in his
childlike watercolors
and illustrations.
Paul Klee
• His interest in Art began at
age eight, he was given a
box of sidewalk chalk by his
• When he was nineteen he
began studying art at the
Academy of Fine Arts in
Munich, Germany.
• Here is an early Klee
illustration entitled My
Paul Klee
• After Klee failed to be
a magazine illustrator
his art work
progressed slowly
until he became
obsessed with color.
Paul Klee
• He wrote, “Color has
taken possession of
me... Color and I are
Paul Klee
• Klee taught at the
Bauhaus School in
• The Bauhaus was
formed in 1919 to
unite arts and crafts
into one institution.
Paul Klee
• Klee was singled out
by a Nazi newspaper.
His home was
searched by the Nazis
and he was fired from
his job.
• The Nazi movement
denounced the
Bauhaus for its
"degenerate art" and in
1933 the Bauhaus was
shut down.
Paul Klee
• He died in 1940.
• His legacy comprises
about 9,000 works of
• Today, a painting by
Paul Klee can sell for
as much as
$7.5 million.
I wish I had
cool hair…
Paul Klee
Paul Klee
Yeah, that’s
I’m talking
Your assignment
is to recreate
one my next
five paintings…
Ancient Sounds
Monument in Fertile Country
In the Current Six Thresholds
Fire in the Evening
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