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Two Seattle World’s Fairs:
A Comparison
Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
• The A-Y-P Exposition
took place between
June 1 and October 16,
1909, drawing more
than three million
AYP 1909
• Visitors came from
around the state, the
nation, and the world to
view hundreds of
educational exhibits.
• AYP Expo was on the
University of
Washington campus.
AYP 1909
• The Pay Streak was the
A-Y-P Exposition's
midway area. It offered
(for a price) a dizzying
array of carnival rides,
refreshments, and
educational exhibits.
Music at AYP 1909
Chinese Village-AYP-1909
• Unlike many other countries
who participated in the AYP,
the Chinese govt did not
sponsor its exhibit or
officially participate in
planning its exhibit at the
• The roughly 800 Chinese
living in Seattle in 1909
helped finance the
construction and
management of the village.
Chinese Village-AYP-1908
• Virtually all of the
Chinese living in the
region as the fair
approached were said
to have contributed $4
each (nearly $80 in
2009 dollars!) toward
the construction of the
Chinese Village.
Chinese Village-AYP-1909
• Why do you think it was
significant that there
was a Chinese Village at
the World’s Fair?
Chinese Pride
• By the 1880s hostility against the
Chinese became so intense that
Chinese laborers, including those
in Washington state, were often
attacked and expelled from their
• In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion
Act restricted Chinese
immigration to the United States.
• Chinese living in Seattle made the
village happen anyway.
Century 21- 1962
• The Century 21 World's Fair
was held at the site now
known as the Seattle Center
from April 21 to October 21,
1962. It attracted 10 million
fairgoers and was held in
part to commemorate
Washington's first World's
Fair, the 1909 A-Y-P
• Elvis came to Seattle to
film a movie.
The Space Needle
Eddie Carlson and Senator Warren G.
Magnuson, 1961
• Eddie Carlson designed
the Space Needle.
• Original sketch
Motto of Century 21
• Better Living Through
Modern Science
• How was the Space
Needle a symbol of the
What were some world events that took place
between Seattle’s two world’s fairs? (19091962)
What is a Scrapbook?
• A scrapbook is a book with blank pages used for the mounting
and preserving of pictures, clippings, or other mementos
• A scrapbook includes mementos of everyday life, not just
historical records.
• Some memories that might appear in a scrapbook are an
advertisement for a theatre show, a movie ticket stub, a menu
from a restaurant, souvenirs from vacations, the receipt for
your first car, a photo of your first house, awards at work,
diplomas for education, holiday celebrations, family events,
and photos.
Mottos, limited text, titles, quotes
Flaps for text, photos,
geometric designs
Masculine layouts
Creative Layouts
Using Tabs
Creative Text Designs
20th Century Washington
What was it like
in 1909?
20th Century Washington
Character Design
Complete the Character Worksheet
Some Statistics to Get You Started
• 1910 Seattle Census – 1/3 of the foreign-born
citizens were from Scandinavia (Eskenazi paragraph 3)
1910 Seattle Census – Males and Females 15 Years of
Age or Older
• 5,728 Japanese
• 838 Chinese
• 2,032 Black
• 181,939 Caucasian
(Taylor p. 114)
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