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From Strategies to Actions:
The Aarhus Developments in
South East Europe
Magda Tóth Nagy
Public Participation Program
November 17, 2005
REC projects implemented in Southern and
Eastern Europe: Key objectives
• Promote ratification and
practical implementation of
Aarhus Convention
• Develop implementation
strategies and action plans
in transparent and
participatory process
• Assist and enable officials
and NGOs to implement
more efficiently the Convention
Support Developing Implementation
Strategies Southern Europe
• Implemented in
Albania, BiH, Bulgaria,
FYR Macedonia,
Romania, Serbia
&Montenegro, Kosovo
• 2001-2003
•Funded by Netherlands
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Project Approach
• Assessment of status,
needs and priorities
• Developing strategies
and action plans
• Combination of
technical assistance
and different capacity
building methods
• Regional, national and
local activities
Key Achievements
• 6 National strategies and
action plans to implement
Aarhus Convention
• 9 NGO pilot projects in 6
countries to apply AC in
• Over 1000 government
officials and NGOs trained
• Manuals, handbooks, resource
and training materials for
officials and NGOs
• Network of Aarhus experts and
Improving the Practices of Public
Participation: Next Steps in Implementing
the Aarhus Convention
• Follow up project
implemented in Albania,
B&H, FYR Macedonia,
S&CG and Kosovo
• Funded by the Dutch
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
• Project period: December
2004 - December 2006
From Strategies to Actions:
• To improve the practical implementation of
Aarhus Convention
• To support development and application of
various mechanisms
• To increase the skills and capacities of officials
• To strengthen the capacities
of NGOs and other
stakeholders to use the
available opportunities
and tools
• Identify and prioritize the planned
practical activities
• Assistance to achieve
legislative, institutional,
practical improvements
• Capacity building workshops,
trainings on practical issues
• 2 pilot projects/country
• 3 regional experience
sharing workshops
• Legislative, institutional recommendations
• Further progress in ratification and
• Strengthened government and NGO capacities
• Improved practices in municipalities
• Common approaches,
solutions or actions by a
network of officials and NGOs
• Resource/training/ guidance
materials, brochures, web sites, etc.
Contact Information
Magda Tóth Nagy
Public Participation Program
[email protected]
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