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NAW Executive Conference
Dave Griffith
Modern Group Ltd
Before we get started
• Modern
– 22 Locations
– 640 Employees
– 100 % ESOP
– 40% Sales 30% Part/Service 30% Rental
– 400 products and services
– Open Book/ Open Door Company
– Strong, long term financial results
What is Customer Loyalty ?
When a buyer of your goods and services is
pleased enough with the experience to do
the following:
1. Come back
2. Pay for the experience beyond …
3. Recommend you
4. Communicate with you on
opportunity and problems.
Day in the Life of an issue
Call or E-Mail or walk in
Call back, Gather Data and LISTEN
Assign Resource
ID Root Cause
Fix Customer and Root cause
Share Information/ Measure/ Account
Close Out
Thank You and Follow Up
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