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U.S. Markets for Respiratory Protection
“Most respiratory protection equipment usage has been within the first responder markets.
As new standards are adopted, however, this will continue to shift more into the industrial,
health service, and other non-traditional sectors.”
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
March 29, 2005
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Industry Trends
• All sectors’ revenues from 2001 ($1.7 billion), to the present, represent significant
increases over previous estimations and forecasts.
•Certain product segments are highly commoditized (imported) and price driven (ie.
dust masks), while others are highly regulated (and typically not imported),
increasingly sophisticated and expensive, and government subsidized (ie. SCBAs).
•There is a general trend toward product ‘upgrading’ in the industrial and first
responder sectors.
•Most respiratory protection product usage is within the first responder and fire
services markets; much more so than in industrial, but that is changing!
•Primary end-user markets include:
•Homeland security / domestic preparedness
•First responders
•Industrial / construction
•Fire services
•Health services (hospitals, ambulance services, dentists, etc.)
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Industry Trends (cont.)
• The National Inst. For Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) is working to
complete new U.S. standards based upon Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear
(CBRN) protection.
•The Intl. Org. for Standardization (ISO) is similarly working to adopt new European
standards, taking human physiology and work levels into account, that will likely
impact the U.S. standards and manufacturers as well.
There is an increase in the ‘blurring’ of distinctions between traditional
‘manufacturers’, who are now basically importers, and their ‘distributors’, who
themselves are importing their own ‘commodity’ product lines and who enjoy the
advantage of having the end-user contacts and distribution capabilities
•Niche applications will continue to be the focus of those companies wishing to
differentiate themselves and increase their margins in the process (ie. SEA’s CBRN
certified, positive pressure PAPRs and ISI’s form fitting dust masks).
•PAPR sales are down due to awaiting finalization of standards.
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Key Features
Frost & Sullivan Provides:
• Detailed insights into recent developments and trends
• Drivers, restraints and challenges
• Market sizing and competitive analysis
• Market forecasts and opportunity analysis
• Market trends by product types
• Technology trends
• Regulatory & standards’ trends
• 3 Awards- Hagemeyer – North America, Alpha Pro Tech, and
International Safety Instruments (ISI)
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What We Offer
• Global Coverage: U.S., Europe, Japan, Asia
• Proven methodology encompassing extensive primary and secondary
data and research
• Focused information and strategies that cover business and technology
• Credible data and analysis highlighting industry dynamics
• Winning strategies to help you create precise business plans
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Who Will Benefit?
 Current Market Participants
 Find out how you compare to the competition
 Assess current and future drivers and restraints
 Determine and exploit new market share opportunities
 New Entrants
 Analyze challenges associated with the industry
 Calculate time scales for strategy implementation
 Position yourself to capitalize on the market’s unmet needs
 Investment Community
 Analyze long-term strategies of respiratory protection equipment
manufacturers and importers
 Determine which participants will outperform the competition
 Assess attractiveness of investing in the respiratory protection
equipment market
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What’s Included, by industrial sector:
• Market Forecasts and Overview
• Snapshots of the Markets
• Market Share Analyses
• Revenue Forecasts
• Specific Trends
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Key Market Participants (Manufacturers)
Bacou-Dalloz aka Perfect Fit Glove
Best Manufacturing
Boss Manufacturing
BSF Coated Products
Carolina Coated Glove
Comasec Safety
Gloves Incorporated
Guardian Manufacturing
Johnson Wilshire
Lakeland Industries
Liberty Glove & Safety
Magid Glove & Safety
MCR aka Memphis Glove
Midwest Quality Gloves
Nationwide/Allied Glove
North Safety Products
Protective Industrial Products (PIP)
Southern Glove
West Chester Holdings
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Key Market Participants (Distributors)
Alliance Supply Group
Apollo Safety & Industrial
ATCO Packaging
Brenton Safety
California Safety & Clean Room
Clark-McKibben Safety Products
Cole-Parmer Instruments
Conney Safety Products
CSE Corp.
Dooley Tackaberry
Elvin Safety Supply
Fisher Scientific
Hagemeyer North America
Lab Safety Supply
Lawson Products
Mallory Company
Mine Safety Appliances (MSA)
Northern Safety
ORR Safety
SAF-T-GARD International
VWR Scientific Products
W. W. Grainger
Wilson Supply
Wise El Santo
Wuerthner Brothers
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