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Canada and the
The Automobile
Cars revolutionized Canadian society
during the 1920s.
Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor
Company) used the assembly line to
mass produce cars like the famous
Model T.
Mass production on the assembly line
reduced manufacturing costs and
ultimately made cars much more
affordable than they had previously
As a result, most families could afford to
purchase a car.
By 1924, the cost of the Ford Model T
was $395.00-people could also choose
whatever colour they wanted as long as
it was black.
In 1918, there were 300,000 cars
registered in the country-by 1929 there
were 1.9 million!
The Impact of the Car
Cars revolutionized the way
people got around during the
Cars gave people the ability to
move around in a wider area and
with greater freedom than ever
Before cars, the only methods of
transportation were by horse,
public transit, and railroads.
Cars gave people the chance to
determine where and when they
went and also where they lived.
Cars also had a huge impact on
the design of houses, buildings,
cities, and other infrastructure.
Limitations of the Automobile
Automobiles in the 1920s were
not as reliable as today’s cars.
For one thing, they didn’t have
electric starters, you had to
manually crank the engine to get
the car started.
They also had relatively small
wheels and weak engines which
caused them to frequently get
stuck in mud-most streets were
still unpaved.
They could not operate during
winter as the cold weather froze
the fluids in the engine.
Automobiles and Leisure
The advent of the automobile
during the 1920s also
changed the way people
entertained themselves-it
gave them a greater ability to
enjoy leisure time and
Activities like ‘road-trips’,
family picnics, and other
leisure activities became
popular-allowed Canadians to
enjoy life.
Cars also provided a new
form of entertainment-people
now enjoyed automobile
New Problems Associated with
The popularization of cars during
the 1920s gave rise to new
They created noise and pollution
in larger cities.
For the first time we have motor
accidents, traffic jams, and
pedestrians getting run over.
Helped thieves flee from crime
scenes-forced police to get cars of
their own.
Governments began to legislate
speed limits and other rules of
the road and had to institute a
licensing system for drivers.
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