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All About Brittany
Introducing Me!
My Family
My Pets
Things I Like to Do
My Favorite Books
Introducing Me!
My name is Brittany. I
have a mom, a dad, a
brother, and a sister. I used
to have a rabbit and a bird.
I now have new pets, an
lizard, and a fish. My eyes
are blue and I have brown
My Family
My family lives
in a big gray house. My
sister and I look just
like my dad, red hair
and blue eyes. My
brother on the other
hand looks like my
mom, black hair and
hazel eyes. I love my
My Pets
My pets are goldfish.
They live in a tank in my
brother’s room. I like to
feed them. They are fun
to watch. These animals
are my pets.
Things I Like to Do
Things I like to do.
One of the things I like
to do is play softall.
Softball is fun if you
like to throw, catch,
and bat. Another thing
I like to do is go over
to my grandparents
and play with their
dog, Charlie, while
watching television.
These things are fun
for me.
My Favorite Books
My favorite books are
Harry Potter books and
Bailey School Kids. My
favorite Bailey School
Kids book is Zombies
Don`t Couch Soccer. For
Harry Potter it’s Chamber
of Secrets. Reading is
fun. These are my
favorite books.
More About Me
Here is more about
me. I like to watch
television. I broke my
nose, split my lip, and
got black and blue rings
around my eyes. My
sister wears glasses, a
retainer, and braces, my
brother on the other
hand only wears
glasses. I like my life.
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