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British Character
N. V. Tyulpanova with her pupils
Secondary School
British Character
• Customs and
traditions always
reflect the character
of the nation
• It is common
knowledge that
every nation has a
reputation of this or
that kind
The English
The English are reputed to have
a good sense of humour. Their
limericks demonstrate it well.
There was an Old Man on
some rocks,
Who shut his wife up in a
When she said, "Let me
He exclaimed, "Without
You will pass all your life in
that box."
The English
• Every Englishman is
said to be a
countryman at his
• Love to nature is
shown in landscapes
painted by John
Constable, Thomas
Gainsborough, William
Hogarth and William
The Scots
• Scotland is a country
with its dances, its own
songs, its poetry,
national food and
• Highland games are
events held throughout
the year as a way of
celebrating Scottish
and Celtic culture and
The Scots
• Scottish folk music
includes many kinds
of songs such as
ballads and laments
sung by a single
singer with bagpipes,
fiddles or harps
The Welsh
• The Welsh are
proud of their
• They are gifted in
the art of selfexpression in
words, they are not
afraid of being
poetic in speech
The Welsh
• There is much
literary, musical and
dramatic activity in
• Special festivals are
held to encourage
Welsh literature and
The Welsh
• A nursery rhyme is a
traditional song or poem
taught to young children,
originally in the nursery
• Russian poets liked to
translate them into Russian
• Everybody knows Humpty
Dumpty, The house that
Jack built, There was a
crooked man
The Irish
• Ireland is rich in
history and has also
been the home to
many talented writers
including Oscar Wilde
• Ireland has made a
large contribution to
traditional folk music
The Irish
• There are quite a
number of bands that
still play the traditional
Irish music
• The Irish are known
for their love for dance
• Irish dancing is
widespread all over the
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