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The Christmas
Christmas is a holiday observed generally
on December 25 to commemorate the
birth of Jesus. Christmas Day is
celebrated as a major festival and public
holiday in countries around the world,
including many whose populations are
mostly non-Christian.
Among countries with a strong Christian
tradition, a variety of Christmas
celebrations have developed that
incorporate regional and local cultures. In
other countries, secular processions or
parades featuring Santa Claus and other
seasonal figures are often held.
A special Christmas family meal is
traditionally an important part of the
holiday's celebration, and the food that is
served varies greatly from country to
country. Some regions, such as Sicily,
have special meals for Christmas Eve,
when 12 kinds of fish are served.
Christmas in England
The English enjoy beautiful Christmas
music. They love to decorate Christmas
Trees and hang up evergreen branches.
In England Christmas dinner was usually
eaten at Midday on December 25, during
Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year :
Roland Ágoston
Gábor Patyi
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