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Prepared by:
T. Zavalauskas
North Syracuse Junior High
[email protected]
A quiz:
If a person who speaks three languages
is trilingual, and one who speaks four
languages is quadrilingual, what is
someone called who speaks no foreign
languages at all?
Answer: an American.
The New York Times
Nicholas D. Kristof
December 30, 2010
Who has relatives that have
emigrated from other
countries to the United States?
O What relative(s)?
O What country did they
come from?
O Where did they move to?
Why did they come to
O From oppression
O To worship
O From want
O From fear
You are to :
Research the immigration
influxes of French speaking
immigrants to this country
from the 19th century through
2. Compare and contrast the
throughout history
Comparative Analysis
3. Share your results via
podcast or power point
Your project must include:
O A cover slide/ title
O Minimum of 8 slides or 3 minutes of information
on the podcast with visuals
O A bibliography
O Materials to address:
1. Countries where the immigrants came from
2. How they got to the U.S.
3. Conditions they traveled under – How it has
changed over the years
4. Opportunities when they arrived /arrive
We're coming to America
O Destination America (PBS)
O French Emigrants
O Why did they come
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