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Your Poster Title
Your Names & Majors
Course Title & Faculty Name
Project Description
All poster go elements in the white
The printed size of this poster
will be 24” x 36” (portrait).
This grey area is for a
description of your project,
written so that anyone –
whether from your
discipline or the general
public – will be able to
understand your work and
its impact.
This description must
specifically address how
your project meets the five
judging criteria of this
competition. You may use
a bulleted list.
Use no more than 150
words for this description.
(leave the logo and text found here on your final poster)
You can take out the arrow ;-)
First Year Poster Symposium
Honors College
University of Vermont
April 2013
This space is for
acknowledgment of the
people, funding sources,
and mentors that made
your work possible.
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