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All About Matt
Introducing Me!
My Family
My Pets
Things I Like to Do
My Favorite Books
Introducing Me!
This is a story about
me. My favorite food is
salad. My favorite sport
is tennis. I like play
with my dog. That is
introducing me.
My Family
I have a big brother.
He is in 8th grade. My
dad is cool and he
works at Boeing. My
mom works at a
building business.
My Pets
I have a dog named Morgan. My dog
likes to eat apples. She likes to chase
birds too. I really like my dog Morgan.
Things I Like to Do
I like to do lots of things. I like to ride my quad.
I really like to swim in pools. Running is one of my
favorite hobbies, too. These are things I like to do.
My Favorite Books
These are my favorite books. I like I Spy
books and Shiloh. I also like a lot more books
like science books and animal books.
More About Me
I went on a cruise this summer to Alaska. My
cruise had lots of games like shuffle board and
miniature golf. I made a friend on the ship, too. It
was really fun. I hope I get to do it again.
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