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Korey Bucher
Student Teaching Reflection April 26, 2010
This week was a another first experience in my class. Not only was it ISTEP, I had a
child put sticky tack in his hair. ISTEP was interesting because I have taken the test before, but
never have I been apart of giving the test, and seeing how different kids act when they have an
important test in front of them. I also was reinforced with the fact that not every student tests the
same and some take longer than others. When talking to the other teachers, I heard that some
students did not get done with their test. I asked what happened when this happened, what did
you say to the student to help them deal with this disappointment. I was told to try to build
confidence in the student and try to give them pointers for the next time they take a test.
Skipping the harder ones and not to spend a long time with some of the questions.
I wondered what to do in this situation and asked them because I wanted to be prepared
for if that ever happens to me when I become a teacher myself. Also what else I learned this
week, is to be prepared and help students be prepared to test by helping them with an easy week
outside of ISTEP. Not having a lot of work for them to do outside of ISTEP. This will help
students not get stressed about the test even more.
The other thing that has happened this week, about the sticky tack, was interesting
because nothing like that has ever happened to me and hopefully nothing like that will happened
again. Students can be crazy and things happen at different times. When a student gets
embarrassed like this student did, it is best to just keep the lesson moving and not make a big
deal out of it until their is time. I learned that to always expect the un-expected and be prepared
for anything. This was a friendly reminder to always be flexible.
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