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In Home Pet Services
Top New Franchises Press Release
Date: April 14, 2011
[For Immediate Release]
Former Zookeeper's Pet Franchise Gets Accolades at
Robin Elman's In Home Pet Services franchise has seized the lead in the national franchise talent hunt at
A national talent search for the best new franchise opportunities has unleashed a flurry of furry praise
for Bellerose, NY franchisor In Home Pet Services and its founder, Robyn Elman.
Franchise industry trendwatcher Sean Kelly launched the interactive site to
identify promising new and emerging franchise opportunities across the nation. The site invites readers
to nominate new franchise opportunities for a free listing, and to vote on their favorite new businesses
by leaving a message of support.
“We had never heard of In Home Pet Services or Ms. Elman when we posted the listing,” said Kelly.
“The outpouring of praise and support for the In Home Pet Services was immediate and amazing. More
than three dozen heartfelt testimonials came in virtually overnight, moving Elman’s franchise to the #1
spot nationally.”
In Home Pet Services is a home-based dog walking and pet sitting company founded by entrepreneur
Robyn Elman after she left her former career as a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo. In addition to Elman’s
company-owned location, there are currently four In Home Pet Services locations operated by franchise
owners in Northeast Queens and Great Neck, Clinton Hill, Marine Park and Forest Hills.
Each location offers dog walking, in-home boarding, pet first aid/CPR classes, pet sitting, bird clipping
and other services. Each franchise owner is trained in pet first aid & pet CPR, and lives in the community
he or she serves.
The outpouring of support by customers, employees and franchisees seems to be generated by In Home
Pet Service’s systemwide devotion to the needs of both pets and pet owners.
In casting his vote, In Home Pet Services client Timothy wrote: “I was initially referred to IHPS through
a friend. I normally get pretty uptight about the care of my “little girls” (a beautiful Bichon and
Beagle)… I just wanted to spread the word re their superb care since they’ve been so great to me!”
Dana Malatino wrote: “…my chocolate lab and I have tried out a variety of businesses and I have never
been as satisfied with the overall care, passion and professionalism from any of the businesses I have
tried out in the past as I am with In-Home Pet Services... I would recommend In-Home Pet Services, Inc
to everyone.”
In Home Pet Services client Andrea wrote: “I have an 11-1/2 year old yorkie with clinical separation
anxiety, and if it weren’t for Robyn and her staff, I don’t know what I would have done all these years!
…it has been a pleasure to see the business succeed and grow over the past several years!”
Franchise owners also posted votes of confidence in the franchise opportunity which can be started for
as little as $7,000 and operated from home.
“I just have to say that the day I found In Home Pet Services and of course Robyn, my entire life
changed,” wrote franchise owner Diana Hurtado. “I learned what the true purpose of my life was and
Robyn helped achieve my dream”
Helping others achieve their dreams of owning a business working with the pets they love has provided
rewards to the young franchisor as well. According to Robyn Elman, who was interviewed on the site
after gaining the lead in the Top New Franchises competition: “I LOVE being able to have taken people
who wanted to have their own business and work with animals, and help them be the successful
business owner they always dreamed of being. This may sound a little corny but it’s the absolute
truth. This opportunity has changed their lives… and mine.”
Read the accolades for the In Home Pet Care franchise here:
Read Robyn Elman’s interview with here:
About In Home Pet Services: In Home Pet Services is a low investment, home-based pet sitting & dog
walking franchise for animal lovers that’s received high praise from franchisees and customers (both
human and furry). Founded by former zookeeper Robyn Elman, In Home Pet Services enables
individuals to enter the booming pet services industry with complete in-depth training, unparalleled
support, an exclusive territory and more. For more information, visit or email Robyn Elman at [email protected]
About TopNewFranchises.Com is a reader-powered interactive website that
enables new and emerging franchise companies to compete for recognition. Anyone can nominate their
pick for the Top New Franchise, and all nominees are able to receive “votes,” in the form of customer,
franchisee and employee endorsements, free of charge. It is the only franchise recognition program
that allows franchise owners and customers to share their enthusiasm for their favorite franchise. For
more information, visit or email publisher Sean Kelly at
[email protected]
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