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Week 3. Day 3. Session 1–3
Session Title:
Using appropriate approaches in lessons
Overall Aims
This topic will help teachers to think about the learning needs of all pupils in their class.
They will consider research into, and thinking about, definitions of talented and gifted
pupils. Teachers will be introduced to approaches for challenging talented and gifted
pupils that are underpinned by the principle of inclusive practise. Included in this topic
will be; ideas about understanding pupils’ needs; ideas about the ‘enrichment’ of the
curriculum that promote rich learning for all pupils and differentiated teaching and
learning strategies that address the needs of all learners.
Learning Outcomes
Teachers will be supported in:
 Understanding implications of effective provision for talented and gifted pupils
 Understanding how to modify activities to include appropriate intellectual challenge
for talented and gifted pupils
 Planning collaborative tasks to challenge talented and gifted pupils
 Recognising the different skills used in collaborative activities by children of
differing abilities
Key Ideas
 The needs of talented and gifted pupils can be met in an inclusive environment.
 Collaborative group work may be used to challenge T&G pupils within an inclusive
 Rich activities may be used to challenge T&G pupils within an inclusive classroom
Whole school shared values: What principles underpin your school’s approach to
teaching talented and gifted pupils?
Gifted and talented children discussion sheet
Using collaborative group work to provide for talented and gifted learners
Presentation: Unit Festivals and Celebrations
Observation forms
Planning for intellectual challenge:
Chose one feature of able learners and devise an activity that could be modified to meet
the needs of such learners.
Resource: Talented and Gifted: Planning for intellectual challenge
Curriculum opportunities for intellectual challenge
Developing rich tasks to challenge talented and gifted pupils using ICT
Show participants visions of Egypt from two websites
A 3D interactive animation
Teaching Talented and Gifted Pupils
The use of ICT to enhance learning in World Cognition
Reading: Rich activities
Rich task analysis grid
Suggested reading
Acceleration and Enrichment
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