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The FLC of EHU organise a competition of caricatures to celebrate the French week
(from the 23th to the 27th of March). Every student is invited to draw a picture about an issue in
a French-speaking country in French or in your own language.
Deadlines to give back drawings are on the 16th of March, at 8:00. You can drop them
in the languages department (room 222) or send them by email ([email protected]). The
size should be on a page A5, in B&W or in colours. There will be a pre-selection, to remove the
too potentially offensive caricatures, but a reasonable provocation is allowed, of course. From
Monday the 16th, until Friday the 27th, drawings will be exposed at EHU. Visitors will vote for
their favourite one. Results and awards ceremony will take place on Friday the 27th at 15:45.
So take your pen and let’s go! ;)
This competition is a part of the EHU French week (March 23-27). The topic of this year is
“Famous francophone journalists and documentaries”.
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