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Paige, Kayla, Kristen, Chris
1. Titles are not capitalized unless followed by a name- Nearly eight months ago, some of President
Obama’s senior intelligence officials were already warning that ISIS was on the move.
2. All addresses capitalized- 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or Pennsylvania Avenue
3. Seasons are not capitalized unless used as a proper noun- The next Winter Olympics will be held in
4. Cities, towns and countries are always capitalized. - Sochi is cold. Towson is windy. United Arab
Emirates is hot.
5. Brand names are always capitalized- I went to Target yesterday.
6. Government organizations are always capitalized- The Federal Bureau of Investigations is hosting a
press conference today.
7. Month names are capitalized- In May or December students from Towson graduate.
8.Religious holidays/ religions are capitalized- People who practice Islam celebrate Ramadan for a month
every year.
9.Proper names of languages are capitalized- I'm learning how to speak Yiddish.
10. The measurements of temperature are capitalized- The freezing point is 32 degrees in Fahrenheit
and zero in Celsius.
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