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Focus Questions
These questions will form the background information you will need, to
write your own response to the Inquiry Statement
1. What kinds of sites were castles built on? Why?
2. What materials were used to build castles?
3. How long did a castle take to build?
4. Why were castles built?
5. Who lived in the castles?
6. What happened on a daily basis inside the walls of the castle?
7. What special design elements did a castle have?
8. Why did castles stop being popular forms of building structures?
Assessment Criteria
Research Criteria
Content - is organised and can be understood
Fluency - flows well with no unnecessary breaks
Solving the problem - suggests a sensible solution to the problem.
Speaking Criteria
Use of voice - speech is clear
- spoken at a steady pace
- pitch and tone are varied- shows confidence in topic
Visual appeal - facial expressions and gestures
- use of visual aids
Audience involvement - uses eye contact
- shares ideas, feelings and experiences about
the task
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